DIY Father’s Day Tuxedo Card

Need a Father’s day card idea? Why not make this simple Father’s Day Tuxedo Card.

Ours is a super fancy looking, as it’s made with black paper, but you can easily use any other color to make a less formal one.

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Father's Day Tuxedo Card Paper Craft for Kids to Make

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Surprise the best dad in the world (or any other important figure in your childs or your student’s lives) with a fancy looking tuxedo card. It’s really quick and simple to make so it’s a great project to do in the classroom too.

As this one has that extra fancy look to it, you could use it for other occasions too, and not limited to kids crafting either.

It can make a funky birthday invitation, a birthday card or a card for any other occasion really.

Father's Day Tuxedo Card Craft for Kids

Father's Day Tuxedo Card Paper Craft for Kids

How to Make a Father’s Day Tuxedo Card

What you need:

  • card base (get it in the store or make it with white construction paper or heavier print paper)
  • black paper (regular or construction paper)
  • red print paper
  • 2-3 small buttons
  • scissors
  • glue

Marker to write your message in the card.

Follow the Step by Step Tutorial for this DIY Tuxedo Card

Fold a sheet of black paper in half. Make sure the fold is crisp.

Place the white card base on top of the black paper, next to the fold – use it as a template to cut the black paper.

Open up the black card and apply glue on the one side of the card.

Insert the white card base (fold has to be next to the fold of the black card) and press it down for the glue to set.

Cut a straight slit on the black paper (one the side without the glue) – in the middle of the page and about a quarter or a third way towards the bottom of the card.

Fold to the side (both) to get the V shape for the neck line of your shirt card.

No need to glue the collar, just make sure the folds are crisp.

Open up the black card and apply glue.

Press down for the black part of the card to stick on the white card base.

Time to decorate your Father’s day tuxedo card!

Stick on 2 to 3 buttons. For super small buttons, using regular glue might be sufficient although glue dots seem to be the best option (or glue gun).

If you want a super simple card, cut a bow shape out of paper. For a fancier look, make it stand out in 3D as we did by following a few simple steps.

Cut a thin strip of red paper (the length should be about the same as the card width is when folded. Add glue on one end and make a paper roll out of it.

Press the paper roll to flatten it and cut a bow shape.

Cut an even thinner (and shorter) strip of red paperer, apply glue over it (across all length) and wrap it around the middle part of your bow.

Pretty fancy right?

Add a bit of glue to the back of the bow and press and glue it down on the card.

Write in your message and give the Father’s day tuxedo card to the right person.

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