Hidden Message Father’s Day Card

Want to surprise the dad in your home? Print out this Hidden Message Father’s Day Card template and have your kids create a really special card.

Thispull-out craft is a interesting one and as it also includes a hidden message inside it is a very personal card too.

Hidden Message Father's Day Card Paper Craft for Kids

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With this card, kids can write a hidden message or draw anything they like for their father to see.

There are mustaches and stars all over the front page of the card. The last one is decorated with three different ties – which of course need to be colored with crayons or markers.

For the pull out mechanism, you get to choose between three different decorations.

Ready to surprise your dad? Let’s start making your unique card!

How to Make Hidden Message Father’s Day Card


What you need:

  • our printable Hidden Message Father’s Day Card template (find it at the end of this tutorial)
  • paper (use a heavier print paper to make the card last longer, although the regular will work out fine)
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies
  • scoring tool (or simply something similar at hand)

Ready to make your #1 Dad card? Let’s start!

Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Print out the hidden message Father’s Day card that you’ll find at the end of this step by step tutorial.

Color the template. 

Cut out the card with scissors – make sure not to cut off the flaps.

You will need to cut out the “pull-out” mechanism as well – you will find it on the second page of the template.

The card includes the “CUT OUT” area that will be revealing your hidden message.

You can fold the front page of the card in half to make the cutting part easier.

After you’ve cut out the hidden message area, make crisp folds along the whole card.

We like to use our craft stick and run it across the folds to really make them crisp.

Continue making the folds all around the card over the “GLUE” flaps.

Insert the “pull-out” mechanism.

After the mechanism is in place, apply glue to the flaps.

Press the front and back page of the Father’s Day card firmly together with your fingers.

Glue on the last part of the pull-out mechanism…

…and write the hidden message for your dad.

Your Father’s Day card is ready.Hidden Message Father's Day Card Craft for Kids

Hidden Message Father's Day Card Craft

Print This Hidden Message Father’s Day Card

Get the template here: hidden message father’s day card template

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