Teacher Appreciation Card

Brighten up your teacher’s day with this clever teacher appreciation card! This one is great to give all school year round but will be the best  on teacher appreciation day!

This clever words game will send a message and give a giggle!

Teacher Appreciation Day Card

Teachers are the ones who change the world! They help sculpt of future scientists, leaders, doctors and all sorts of awesome and kind persons – well at least the good ones do and there really are a lot of good ones! If you ask me this is one of the most important, and more often than not most underestimated professions in the world! Thank you (good) teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Card

If your kids teacher is one of the awesome ones she or he deserves to know it and you can show the love by giving them a teacher appreciation card! I thought long and hard to come up with something (hopefully) unique and fun and while I was sipping my favorite tea it hit me – a fun play on words – You are the best “tea-chair!”.

Print this card and pop on a bag of tea (can be packed, I unpacked it because I think it looks more fun). You can even add a pack of her or his favorite tea (or just go with a “stress relief” tea hehe) and wrap it up as a nice teacher appreciation day gift!

Download, print and make your own: Teacher Appreciation Card

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Card

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