Hidden Message Valentine’s Day Card

Want to surprise your loved ones with a simple V-Day craft? We prepared a new printable Hidden Message Valentine’s Day Card for your kiddos to make.

This adorable “hidden message” card is a perfect gift for the 14th February.Hidden Message Valentine's Day Card Idea for Kids. Super fun paper craft for kids to make for Valentine's day. #Valentinesdaycrafts #papercraftsforkids #DIYcardideaforkids

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday when we love to show our close ones how much they mean to us and what is better than making a lovely and exciting gift for the occasion.

We absolutely love making simple crafts, and this surely is one of them – an easy and fun-to-do V-Day card with a hidden message.

The card includes a pull-out mechanism which reveals the message when pulled. Your kids can write anything they want to express their affection onto the card, to make it unique.

And as they say, “A special card for a special person.” it is.

They can choose between 3 different parts to glue onto the mechanism – a heart, lips (a kiss), and a dove carrying an olive tree branch.

Ready to make your card? Let’s get creative!

Hidden Message Valentine's Day Card Paper Craft for Kids

How to Make Valentine’s Day  Hidden Message Card

What you need:

  • our printable Hidden Message Valentine’s Day Card template (grab it at the end of the tutorial)
  • paper (we recommend heavier print paper, but the regular will also work out just fine)
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies
  • scoring tool (or simply something similar at hand)

Ready to make your V-Day card? Let’s start!

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Print out our hidden message Valentine’s Day card template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial).

Color the hearts and the background with your best markers. We decided to go with a blue-red combination of colors.

Use your scissors to cut out the “sleeve” of your V-day card.

You need cut out the hidden message “window” – fold the template in half.

Fold it once more as shown in the picture below to get a good grip on the folded “cut out” area and cut it out.

Your front side of the card should look like this.

Use your scoring tool to make crisp folds on all of the surrounding flaps.

Continue by cutting out the mechanism parts from the second page.

Apply glue to all the flaps.

It’s time to insert the mechanism into the card. Place the pull-out strap in between the two flaps – it must stick out a bit, so you can pull it to reveal the hidden message after.

Press the front side onto the flaps to glue them together.

Use your scoring tool or press firmly with your fingers all around the card to make sure your card is glued together.

Now you need to apply some glue to the pull-out mechanism (the area is marked).

Place your chosen image and glue it to the marked area.

All you need to do now is to pull out the strap that is sticking out of the card and write your hidden message.

Your hidden message Valentine’s Day card is ready.Hidden Message Valentine's Day Card Craft Idea

Hidden Message Valentine's Day Card Craft

Get the Hidden Message Valentine’s Day Card Template

Get the printable template here.

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