Fish Pencil Shaving Art

Never throw away pencil shavings again, this fish pencil shaving art is just one of the many ways you can use them.

It’s a wonderful crafting material for kids and a great recycled craft.

Colorful Pencil Shaving Fish Craft for Kids

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We sharpen coloring pencils on weekly basis so there’s always some pencil showings at our disposal – if you have a lot too and wonder how to put them to good use, this project can easily be made with the kids.

This project is a great summer craft for kids, make it at home or at summer camp.

Fish Pencil Shaving Art for Kids

They can make a bunch of tiny fish or one big one.

Fish Pencil Shaving Art for Kids

Either way they will look fun.

Fish Pencil Shaving Art for Kids

What is better than a pencil waste for making this awesome projects?

Fish Pencil Shaving Art for Kids to Make

This project is super simple to make and super enjoyable.

Ready to craft?

How to Make Fish Pencil Shaving Art

What you need:

  • cardboard pieces
  • black liner
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • color pencils
  • sharpener

Materials Used

Happy crafting!

Step by Step Instructions

Draw a fish shape on the cardboard using the black liner.

Step 1
Decorate the tail of the fish with simple patterns.

Step 2

Put some glue on the googly eye and glue it on the cardboard. Draw some tiny bubbles around the fish.

Step 3

Color the fish and the bubbles with color pencils and make sure to leave the fish body empty.

Step 4
Sharpen the pencils and save the shavings.

Step 5
Apply some glue and start adding the shavings as shown on the picture. Make a few rows using different colors.

Fish Pencil Shaving Art for Kids
All done!

Fish Pencil Shaving Art for Kids
Do you like this project?

Feel free to send us pictures of your fish so we can see how this project turned out for you.

Thank you for visiting Easy Peasy and Fun website and stay tuned for more pencil waste crafts.

Fish Pencil Shaving Art Idea


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