Fingerprint Alphabet Art

If you need a way to keep the little fingers busy and learning at the same time give this fingerprint alphabet art a try!

Learning the alphabet can be tough so fun approaches are always welcome wouldn’t you agree?

Fingerprint Alphabet Art


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There’s a fingerprint creation for every letter and some letters even allow for more creativity – all you have to do is dip those little cuties in finger paint or fingerprint ink pad press them down on a sheet of paper (or a few times in some cases) and do some doodling with a black (and other) marker to give the little characters life!

Fingerprint Alphabet Art

So we’ve got

A – apple (but you could totally do an ant, acorn and maybe even an aligator!).

B – bee (I’m thinking butterfly would work out too, ball without a doubt and a balloon – that one would be adorable).

C – cat (carrots and chicks come to mind too and I’ve seen quite a few adorable fingerprint chicks on Pinterest. Oh and a caterpillar!).

D – dog (a duck too).

E – elephant (you could also make an eye).

F – flower (frog would look fun too).

G – giraffe (goat, gorilla, grape is another one to think about – it’s perfect for fingerprint art!).

H – horse (heart should be easy peasy too).

Fingerprint Alphabet Ideas

I – ice cream

J – jellyfish or jellies however you want to call them.

K – key (kind would also be fun).

L – ladybug (lollipop yum!).

M – monkey (mouse).

N – nest

O – octopus (owl)

P – pig (pumpkin)

Q – queen

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Simple Fingerprint Alphabet Activity

R – rabbit

S – spider (snake is also an option)

T – tree (turtle)

U – unicorn.

V – violin.

W – watermelon.

X – xylophone

Y – yak.

Z – zebra

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    • Hi Karen! The Fingerprint Poster is a digital product – you’ll receive printable PDF’s and images you can print at home or have printed. If this wasn’t what you expected don’t hesitate to message me (either on FB or through email you can see in the about section).

  1. This is a random question but what font did you use for the heading “fingerprint alphabet”? I love it!

    • Ah but random questions are the best, well as long as they are not really, really random :P. The font I used is called KG How Many Times Regular (the author of this font has a ton of awesome other fonts too!)

  2. Question on the fingerprint alphabet…does it come with painted fingerprints already done or a template to paint?

  3. Adorable! Before I purchase, I was just wondering what it is I will receive. I would like a booklet with each letter heading on one page so I could put fingerprint underneath. Thinking a 5 by 7 size.Thanks!

    • Hi! Sorry, it’s a poster that comes in different sizes so all the letters and fingerprints are on one page.

    • Hi! After paying there was an option to download the file straight away. You should also receive an invoice from “Gumroad” on your email which includes a download link to get the files. If you did not receive it (rarely happens, but it certainly can), please contact me via email (info (at) with your Paypal email or name on CC if you paid with a card.

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