Dog Paper Roll Pencil Holder

If you are already thinking about back to school or just want a unique pencil holder on your desk we are sure you are going to love this Dachshund dog paper roll pencil holder.

Save up those paper rolls (kitchen paper towel, toilet paper rolls or craft rolls from the store) and make an impressive DIY pencil holder for your home or for the classroom.

DIY Paper Roll Dog Pencil Holder Craft for Kids With Dog Template Included

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We love DIY classroom decorations or home desk decorations kids can make by themselves and this is certainly something we will be sharing more of now that we are getting close to the start of the new school year.

What we love the most about our DIY pencil holder is, besides it being Dachshund shaped, that you can make it as long as you need it to be.

This one is perfect to use in the classroom as it will store anything from crayons to paint brushes.

There really is no “age limit” for this craft as everyone would love a Daschund DIY pencil holder on their desk, but as far as classrooms goes we think this one would look the best in a preschool classroom or a kindergarten classroom.

Ready to make one? We have a template to make things super easy.

Dog Paper Roll Pencil Holder Craft for Kids

How to Make a Dog Pencil Holder

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can color it in or use it as a stencil) – you can grab the template at the end of this tutorial.
  • paper (heavier print paper is best)
  • paper rolls, lots of them (toilet paper rolls, kitchen towel paper rolls, store bought craft rolls)
  • brown color
  • glue (we suggest glue gun, if not white school glue)

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step By Step Instructions on how to Make a Dog Paper Roll Pencil Holder

Print our template (you can find it at the end of this tutorial).

Depending on the length of your DIY pencil holder you might need to glue it down to a cardboard base to give it more stability.

Paint your paper rolls brown. You can also wrap them with brown paper.

Our printable template can be used both as a stencil to trace on brown paper or you can color it in.

We will be coloring ours.Glue the paper rolls together in a straight line. We used white school glue and it did the job but a glue gun will do it way quicker.

If you too are using white school glue, we do recommend you use clothespins (or similar) to hold the paper rolls together while the glue dries.

You need to let the glue dry completely (that’s why we prefer a glue gun). We left ours to dry overnight for it to really really set.

Cut out the template pieces.

Apply glue one the dog head as shown on the image bellow. Press the other half of the dog head on this one (glue them together).Apply glue on the “flaps” on the head part.

Glue the head on one paper roll.

Allow the glue to set. Glue on the dog ears.

Do the same with the tail part.

Glue the paper roll with the head and the paper roll with the tail on the end of the toilet paper roll body.

Glue on the legs.

Paper Roll Dog Pencil Holder Craft for Kids to Make

Woohoo you just finished your Daschund DIY dog paper roll pencil holder. Now just fill it with crayons, markers and other lovely things.

DIY Dog Paper Roll Pencil Holder Craft for Kids

Get the Dog Paper Roll Pencil Holder Template

Get it here —-> Daschund Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder Template


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2 thoughts on “Dog Paper Roll Pencil Holder”

  1. This is absolutely the cutest thing EVVVA!
    My mom has a daschund dog that we love/hate lol! We love him for him but hate his barking at even a fly going by his nose.
    This fun craft will involve ALL the kids and they will love how it relates to our little “Max.”

  2. This is such a cute idea! I ❤ it cause I had a dotson terrier a few years ago that lived to be 18 years old and I miss him so much, this reminds me of him. Thanks so much for sharing this with me! I will try it soon.

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