Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to get creative. Check out this Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft.

You can spend time singing with the cutest and most festive singers ever created. This is also a fun family craft, so gather the whole family for some fun!

Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft for Kids

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As far as creativeness goes, this craft offers plenty of room for creating. Not only can your child decorate their carolers, but they can also help them sing fun songs for the upcoming holiday season.

How to Create a Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Go ahead and have the Christmas Carol Singers Craft template printed out. There are a few templates to choose from, so choose whenever one you or your child would like to do.

As you can see, the template can be printed out with color on it as well.

Choose from singing carolers, reindeer, or snowmen. All of them are adorable, so just note that you cannot go wrong.

If you do choose to color them with crayons or markers, now is your chance to do that!

After you have colored the picture, it’s time to cut along the black lines.

Take note of where the dashes are on the template!

You are going to fold the first part of the template back, just like you see in the picture, right along the dotted lines.

Make sure you press nice and firm in order to create a crease that stays.

You are then going to fold the bottom crease back.

Then, take the top of the crease and fold it down to meet the bottom crease.

It’s going to look like this!

Press on that final crease nice and firm so that it stays.

It’s a simple fold, but a very important one.

Now you can see how the final product comes together!

Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft

Now is your chance to put words into the mouths of the singers. What Christmas carol’s can you add to their singing?

Printable Christmas Carol Singers

Get the Printable Christmas Carol Singers Craft Here


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