Craft Stick and Cupcake Liner Fairy Craft

If you love fairies and want to make one (or more) of your own, come along and travel into the world of magic by making this adorable craft stick and cupcake liner fairy craft. 

Get creative by making your own styles of dresses, different hairdos, and various types of wings. You can have a nice fairy puppet show when they’re done.

Craft Stick Fairy Craft for Kids

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The cupcake liner fairy craft is a great afternoon craft project. You won’t be able to stop at just making one. Soon you’ll have a swarm of magical fairies.

DIY Craft Stick and Cupcake Liner Fairy Craft

You can use them as a neat party decoration, as a gift for a special friend, or as a craft stick puppet to play with. Fairies are a great theme for Spring Crafting and we love making them (check out our Fairy Garden in a Jar or Make a Magic Wand project).

Craft Stick and Cupcake Liner Fairy Spring Craft

How to Make Craft Stick and Cupcake Liner Fairy Craft

What you need:

  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • (pink and black) marker
  • pencil
  • popsicle stick
  • muffin paper
  • green pompom
  • green silk ribbon
  • body-colored pipe cleaner
  • body-colored, green, blue, and yellow papers

Materials used

Let’s craft!

Step by Step Tutorial

Draw a circle on the body-colored paper…

Step 1

…and cut it out.

Step 1-1

Use the circle head as a template to draw another circle on a yellow paper for the hair.

Step 2

Draw another smaller circle for the hair bun.
Step 2-2

…and cut the pieces out.

Step 2-3

Glue up the hair on the top of the head and draw the face of the fairy.

Step 3

Glue the head of the fairy on the top of the popsicle stick.

Step 4

Make the fairy’s blouse with green paper…

Step 5

…and glue it up.

Step 5-1

Fold the muffin paper in half …

Step 6

…and glue it to the skirt.

Step 6-1

Draw the wings on the blue paper…

Step 7

…and cut them out.

Step 7-1

Make the arms with the pipe cleaner…

Step 8

…and glue the hands to the back of the craft stick.

Step 8-1

Glue the wings.

Step 9

Now make a bow …

Step 10

…and glue it on the fairy’s hair.

Step 10-1

Glue the green pom-pom on the fairy’s legs.

Step 11

And your fairy is all done.

Step 11-1

Isn’t it lovely?

DIY Cupcake Liner Fairy Craft

You can place the fairy among the paper flowers.

Fairy Cupcake Liner Craft

Have fun creating.

Cupcake Liner Fairy Craft

And make as many as you like.

Cupcake Liner Fairy Craft Idea

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