Cork Rabbit Craft

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or want to do a fun craft, this Cork Rabbit Craft is entertaining for kids, especially if you have a collection of corks and no idea what to do with them.

Rabbits are such fun animals, and this craft allows you to make something new out of the corks!

Cork Rabbit Craft

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We love Easter Crafts (have a look at our Cotton Ball Bunny Craft or try making your own Easter Wreath out of paper).

Cork Rabbit Easter Craft

This cork rabbit craft is excellent if you’re looking for a great way to use some old corks!

DIY Cork Bunny Craft

You can use up old corks and craft supplies to create something unique! 

How to Make the Cork Rabbit Craft

What you need:

  • 26 wine corks
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • silk ribbon
  • gray acrylic paint
  • glue stick
  • white pipe cleaners
  • paintbrush
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • white chalk marker
  • color papers (gray, pink, white, and black)
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Head

Cut a cork in half.

Step 1

Paint all the corks and the two half corks gray. 

Step 2

Add hot glue.

Step 3

When it dries, glue two pieces together.

Step 4

Make a row of four corks, then glue five corks on top.

Now glue four corks in the center and two halves on two sides.

Step 5

Continue by gluing five corks, then 4, and finally three on top. 

Make sure you allow plenty of time for the corks to dry. 

Step 6

The Face

Trace the bunny’s face on a gray piece of paper. 

Step 7

The Nose

Draw the bunny’s nose on pink paper. 

Step 8

Glue the pink nose on the grey part of the face. 

Step 9

The Mouth

Draw the mouth on the bunny’s face. 

Step 9-1

The Teeth

On white paper, cut out a rectangle and cut out. 

Step 10

Once it’s cut out, trace the mouth on the white rectangle. Those will be the teeth.

Step 11

Cut out the part you outlined, and glue the teeth to the bunny’s mouth.

Step 12

Make a line down the center of the teeth to look like there are two.

You can also add tiny freckles to the bunny’s face. 

Step 13

The Eyes

Draw two eyes on the black paper, and cut them out. 

Step 14

Draw white spots on the black eyes.

Step 15

The Cheeks

Draw circles on pink paper; this will become the blush for the cheeks of our bunny. 

Step 16

Glue the nose and teeth onto the corks.

Step 17

We’re going to add the eyes. Apply glue on the black ellipse-shaped eyes on which you draw two small dots with white chalk paint.

Glue the pink cheek blushes onto the sides.

Step 18

The Eyelashes

Now is a great chance to add a little detail to the bunny.

We’re going to draw eyelashes with a black marker.

Step 19

The Ears

Draw two ears on the gray paper, and cut them out. 

Step 20

Trace the inside of the ears onto pink paper. 

Step 21

Glue the pink ears inside the gray ears you have already cut out. 

Step 22

Glue the ears to the back of the rabbit’s head. 

Step 23

The Mustache

Cut small pieces of white chenille and glue them on as mustache. 

Step 24

They will make an enjoyable addition to the bunny! 

Step 25

The Bow

Tie a pink ribbon into a bow around the neck.

Step 26

Cut the ribbon to make the bunny look complete. 

Step 27

The final look of this cork rabbit craft is below! 

Step 30

We love how it turned out.

DIY Cork Rabbit Craft

You can use more corks to make a whole family of bunnies.

Simple Cork Rabbit Craft

Happy Easter!

Cork Rabbit Craft Idea

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