Cool Christmas Gifts for Kids

To make this year’s Christmas gift shopping a little bit easier I am sharing a fun list of pretty cool gifts for kids you can give this year. There have been quite a few awesome new toy releases this year so you’ve got a lot to choose from.

Happy gift browsing and I hope you will spot just the right gift for your kids!

Cool Gifts for Kids - Toys and other creative Christmas gifts for kids

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Christmas Gifts for Kids – Holiday Gift Guide List


A fairy tale book with an amazing female protagonist?

   Check it Out  

A game for the whole family maybe?

Pie in The Face Game

Family game nights might just become way more fun with this hilarious game – Pin in the Face. Just think for a second how fun this might be when you would play it with your in-laws. Just keep in mind that the game does not include whipped cream so be sure to get a few cans (yes a few as you’ll be playing this over and over again). Get Pie in Face Game 


Bunchems Building Toy

This is a new take on the creative building toys! Bunchems are funky looking balls you can squish, connect and create with. You can create fuzzy creatures, buildings, vehicles… pretty much whatever your heart desires. Get Bunchems here

Chocolate Pen

Chocolate pen? Oh yeees! Quite honestly I want one for myself (well I kind of will get one for myself haha). This pen will let the kids create their own sweet masterpieces, hopefully created for you to taste test. Get the Chocolate Pen


Lillypost is a new children’s book subscription box! The boxes are super cute with individually wrapped books so your littles will be surprised—and super excited to read! There are two box options: board books for 0-2 and picture books for 3+. One of the coolest things about Lillypost is that it’s a gift that gives back by donating books to homeless kids, which makes it a perfect gift for the holidays!

   Check it Out  


Plaeful Frames

Let the kids get creative with these extremely fun erasable frames wall decal.

Weaving Loom


If you want your kids to get creative, why not get them a weaving loom? They’ll be able to create all kinds of things – rugs, bags, mats. Get the Weaving Loom

Minecraft Infinite Wall Charger

Got a Minecraft fan in your family? Surprise them with their own Redstone Torch charger. Get it here

Sphero Robot

The Force Awakens… Need I say more? This little guy, although just a wee bit on the expensive site, is on the wish list of most kids (and adults, I mean who wouldn’t want a cool looking robot from a galaxy far, far away?). Get Star Wars robot here

Zoomer Kitty

Are your kids constantly asking for a pet? Zoomer Kitty to the rescue (or Zoomer dinosaur if you are looking for something more exotic). This one will be their best friend. No poop scooping, no scratching, no keyboard warming and leg numbing while accommodating the sleepy cat… Honestly it can’t beat the real thing but as far as toys go this one sure will be played with a lot. Get the Zoomer Kitty

Body Doodles

Body doodles will have your kids hooked. It’s a tattoo guessing game – tattoo stickers will be a thing of the past as your kids will doodle their own tattoos (and have the others guess what the tattoo is). Get the Body Doodles Tattoo Guessing Game

Star Wars Game

Another fun gift for the Star Wars enthusiasts (and I bet there are many out there) – a Looping Chewie game. Get this Star Wars Game Here

Glitter Clay Charms

Another fun creative set! This time we’ll be making a whole bunch of adorable glitter clay charms (they will make a wonderful charm bracelet) Get the Glitter Clay Charms here


Racing fun for the little ones. There are so many fun things to explore on this racing track. Get it here

This concludes our cool Christmas gifts for kids holiday gift guide for this year! I hope you found some cool ideas on what to put under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

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