Conversation Hearts Valentines Day Cards

The trill of receiving a V-day card. Make someone’s day with one of these adorable printable Conversation Hearts Valentines Day Cards templates.

These are great both for kids and kids at heart and also make a great V-day card from teacher to her students.

Conversation Hearts Valentines Day Cards. Fun Valentine's day craft with printable templates for kids. #Valentinesdaycraftsforkids #papercraftsforkids #Valentinesdaycardideas

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There is something special in receiving a wonderful Valentines day card, and there is something even more special in giving one. We are really fond on conversation hearts, they are sweet in many ways and have really become one with the V-day.

Those little sweets inspired our Conversation Hearts Valentines Day Cards, there are 18 different designs (18 in color and 18 in black and white to color in). You can even stick them together to make a wonderful DIY heart shaped notebook or even make a heart shaped flower  card like we did.

If you want to pair this printable card for kids with a fun gift, why not check our list of Valentines day crafts kids can make, as many are wonderful as DIY kid made gifts.

Ready to make your hearts? Let’s get crafty!

Conversation Hearts Printable Cards Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Conversation Hearts Valentines Day Cards (Printable Template)

What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of the tutorial)
  • paper (regular print paper or heavier print paper)
  • scissors
  • coloring supplies if you printed the black and white colour in version
  • paper clips or mini clothespins (optional)

There is a selection of different conversation hearts to meet many needs and circumstances. For the true lovebirds heart cards with “I love You”, “Me & You”, “#love” will be perfect. Want to give a Valentines day card to your friends to celebrate friendship? “Best Friends”, “Girl Power” or “Thank You” will fit perfectly, especially the Thank you one as you can write in all the things awesome about your friend in the card. The thank you card can be applied to pretty much everyone!

Are you a teacher and want to hand out Valentine’s day cards to your students? “You rock”, “You are Great”, “Smile” or even a general V-day “XOXO” card will do.

Watch the Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Print out the conversation hearts card templates. We do think they turn out better on heavier print paper, but regular print paper works out great just as well.

If you printed the color in (black and white version) now is the time to color it. We love using markers as they are bright but as these are conversation hearts, crayons and coloring pencils will do a great job at hitting those pastel colors.

You can color in the whole card or just the hearts with text in them.

Cut out the shape.

Flip it over and write your message. Although the conversation hearts already have their message on them, a personalized message inside the heart that pops open will be much appreciated. You can also skip this step for now, and write the message at the end.

Once you are done with your message flip the template over again and fold along the dashed lines.  Make sure the folds are extra crisp – the crisper they are the easier it will be to fold the conversation heart card.

Now comes the simple folding (might look a bit tricky on the photos, so we do recommend you watch the video tutorial for this one).

In order to get the heart shape, you need to push the folds that are not on the border of the conversation heart, inside and in between the conversation heart on the front and back. It really is simple although it might read a bit complicated. Video tutorial makes this part of this DIY V-day card super simple.

All done? Yes you are! Now to hold the card nicely closed, you can clip it together with a paper clip or a mini clothespin.

Conversation Hearts Printable Cards

Conversation Hearts Valentines Day Cards With Printable Templates

Get the Conversation Hearts Valentines Day Cards Printable Template


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