Printable Christmas Ornaments to Color

Ready to take your coloring hobby to a new level? Make it pop in 3D? Well we’re sharing printable Christmas ornaments to color today, so you can really have a unique Christmas tree this year, or you can color these and gift them to your friends and family.

Printable Christmas Ornaments to Color for Adults and Older Kids

Printable Christmas Ornaments to Color

Ready to start making your unique ornaments?

What you need

  • ornament template to color (there is also a pre-colored version) get it here —–>christmas ornament printable
  • printer
  • paper (heaver paper works out better but you can make these with regular print paper just as well)
  • scissors
  • coloring markers, pencils or other medium you wish to use (like golden or silver gel pen hint hint).
  • glue (stick glue is great)
  • duct tape
  • thread for hanging

Start by cutting out the circles. For each ornament you will need two circles.


With a scoring pen/bone (or something equally effective – ruler, tip of a pen, craft knife…) trace the dashed line (strongly pressing as you go).


Fold the flaps “inside”.


This is what you should be seeing now.


Cut thread, tie into a loop and secure inside the ornament with some tape (as shown on picture). Make sure the loop is outside the ornament at all times.


Now let’s assemble the ornament. Start by applying glue on one flap only (on one ornament half only). Stick the other ornament half on the first one (flap on flap). Allow the glue to dry completely before you continue. When the glue is dry, continue adding glue to other flaps until you come all the way around.


Hang on the Christmas tree.

Printable Christmas Ornaments to Color

Cute Printable Christmas Ornaments to Color

Adorable Printable Christmas Ornaments to Color

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