How to Make a Father’s Day Shirt Card (Template Included)

Father's Day Shirt Card idea For Kids

Learn How to Make a Father’s Day Shirt Card in no time – use our printable template to make the perfect shirt and tie each and every time or just follow the instructions and make one without the template, it’s really easy either way. Browse all of our Father’s day crafts and cards. *this post … Read more

Father’s Day Tuxedo Heart Card

Father's Day Tuxedo Heart Card Idea

Searching for the best Father’s day card idea that’s also easy to make! We’ve got your back as this Father’s Day Tuxedo Heart Card is all that and more!  This project is perfect to do both at home or in the classroom as it’s a low prep activity (no prep if your kids have good scissor … Read more

Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card

Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card Idea

We’ve got another homemade fathers day card idea ready for you and this one is a funny one too! Make a Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card together with your kids. A fun 3D card that you can either make by using our handy template or by tracing a child’s hand (this making it even more personal). Browse … Read more

How to Make a DIY Father’s Day Magic Card (Template Included)

This Father’s day magic card is the coolest thing ever! You might have seen the I <3 dad one before, but we’ve come up with a pretty unique one that will tell the dad in your house that they are a hero. Who doesn’t like to hear that? *this post contains affiliate links* These magic … Read more

DIY Father’s Day Tuxedo Card

Father's Day Tuxedo Card Craft for Kids

Need a Father’s day card idea? Why not make this simple Father’s Day Tuxedo Card. Ours is a super fancy looking, as it’s made with black paper, but you can easily use any other color to make a less formal one. Browse all Father’s day cards and Crafts *this post contains affiliate links* Surprise the best … Read more