Father’s Day Scrabble Tile Frame

Have an old Srabble game that has served it’s purpose – use the tiles to create Father’s Day Scrabble Tile Frame. Alternatively you can also purchase letter tiles individually.

We’ve got plenty more father’s day craft ideas to share with you too, after you go through this tutorial that is.

Make a DIY Father's day scrabble tile frame. Recycle old Scrabble tiles to make this DIY photo frame. Such a cool kid made father's day gift.

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Scrabble is a universally recognized board game that can be used for a great craft item. It makes for a fun way to personalize items and gifts when you take the letter tiles and spell things with them, and even if you can’t get your hands on the real game tiles, many craft stores do sell the letters in their scrapbooking areas, and sometimes even in multiple sizes.

I have found wooden ones that already have sticky backing on them, which makes it very easy to use.

This game I used to make this picture frame was found at a thrift store for a couple dollars and it is from 1946, so it adds a little extra charm to the crafts because of the history it carries, and also because some of the pieces are tarnished with spots or wear, which to me, just adds a little something you can’t fake.

DIY photo frame idea. Perfect for Father's day but can be made for any occasion or holiday.

Let’s get creative

For Father’s Day, you can make this great picture frame for the Dad or Grandfather in your life in just one afternoon and they will love it!

If you can come up with the right letters, make it extra special by adding a word or two that have meaning to them, or maybe a nickname you call them, if possible. You can’t go wrong with Daddy or Father, though. Whatever you come up with, they will adore it because you made it.

This is a good way to let your kids help you create a gift too, make it fun project and do it together.

Simple and useful kid made father's day gift idea. Make a DIY Father's day photo frame.

How to Make a DIY Father’s Day Scrabble Tile Frame

What you will need:

  • Scrabble tiles, enough to spell whatever you desire to put on the frame
  • Wooden picture frame
  • Acrylic paints and paint brushes in a few sizes
  • Water cup and paint plate
  • Paper towels
  • Super glue
  • Buttons or any little extra embellishments you may want to add

Step by Step Instructions

Start by unwrapping the frame and wiping it down so there is no dust or residue of wood on it. You can test out your words right away, to see how they fit on the frame.

Paint the frame

Then decide on the color of paint you want to make it. I went with a chocolate brown, since that is a masculine tone, and chose a metallic gold to accent with.

I was going for a rustic but cute style which is why I chose buttons as the embellishment. You can choose your Dad’s favorite color or add something related to a hobby or item he loves.

Paint the first coat of paint on the back first and put down paper towels underneath the frame to protect the surface you’re painting it on.

Paint the inside of the frame and outside edges as well at this time. Depending on the color paint you chose, it will likely need a second coat, so just allow yourself enough time to let it sit and dry for a few minutes between coats and about an hour at the end for it to fully dry.

While that coat is soaking in, go ahead and choose your letters and arrange them as practice too, so that you can know they will fit. You want to make sure to allow for the space the photo will go in so be sure to play with the letters to get the best arrangement possible.

Now, go back and paint a second coat on the frame’s back and sides and let it dry well. It should take about 15-20 minutes so if you have any more planning to do for the tiles or any embellishments, you can do that now.

Once the frame back is dry, flip it over and start the process again on the front. Give it a good coat and check the sides and edges for any spots that need paint. Sometimes when you flip it over, because you are at another angle now, you may see spots you didn’t before. Let this coat soak in, and when it seems about dry, go ahead and give it the second coat.

Make it even prettier

Once this has soaked in well, if you are adding any other paint like I did, this is the time.

The metallic paint I used is a little bit see-through, so it works great to add on top of another paint, without it being too heavy.

I just took a little bit on my brush and lightly brushed it on here and there to look like aging or worn spots.
I was random with where I put it, so it didn’t look to planned out, but more natural.
Then, I let it dry about an hour.

You can come back and check the paint before that if you are hurrying, but you don’t want it to be too tacky, so just be sure to give it enough time.

Add Scrabble Tiles

Now, before using the super glue, arrange the tiles in the design you want them first, as well as any embellishments. Then once you have it the way you like, start by lifting one tile at a time and adding a drop of super glue, then holding it down about 30 seconds.

Then, repeat until all the tiles and embellishments are glued on.

I prefer to start with the center tile in a word, and then work my way out from there so that I don’t end up moving them too far one way or the other.

Once you give the glue a few minutes to dry well, go back and see if any pieces wiggle, and if they do, add another drop of glue to secure it.
Now you are all set! Give it a few minutes to dry and set it in a place to air out a little if possible to help get rid of the paint and glue smell.

Add in a favorite photo too to make it extra special!


Father's Day Scrabble Tile Frame

Fathers Day Photo Frame

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