Birds and Giraffes Coloring Pages for Grown Ups

New day, new coloring challenge! If you’re keeping up with the adult coloring craze you’re going to love these birds and giraffes coloring pages for grown ups!

I love the therapeutic effect these coloring pages for adults have – it’s almost like letting that little silent kid in you come out and play!

Birds and Giraffes Coloring Pages for Grown Ups - As adults love coloring too!

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Birds and Giraffes Coloring Pages for Grown Ups

This coloring page was colored with the awesome Sharpie pens and I also recommend Fiskars Gel Pens.

This little printable pack was created by a very talented artist going by the name Corner Seat (she also made these amazing under the sea coloring pages so be sure to snatch those too). This time we’re moving away from the deep blue and looking up to the skies with a ton of adorable little birds to color and giraffes which are reaching out to the sky with their long, elegant necks!

Once I started to color these I couldn’t put the markers down (I had to, to have the picture of them taken ha – but I got back to it in no time) – these just scream for vivid colors (especially the giraffes – you just can’t resist making those spots colorful) and to frame them once you’re done coloring.

Birds and Giraffes

Birds on a Tree Coloring Page for Adults


Wan’t more coloring fun? These are the coloring books I love!

  1. Creative Faces Adult Coloring Book
  2. The Creative Haven Creative Cats by Marjorie Sarnat  (fact that I’m a total cat person has nothing to do with this one being one of my favorites at the moment I promise).
  3. Creative Inspirations by Valentina Harper – as we all need a bit of positivity in our lives to these pick me up coloring pages with quotes are just the thing!
  4. Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford – dive deep and get lost in the intricate designs the whole world fell in love with.
  5. Flower Designs Coloring Book by Jenean Morrison – where better to loose your mind (in a positive way that is) than in a ton of flowers?

Cretive Faces Adult Coloring BookCreative Faces Adult Coloring Book


Giraffes and Birds Coloring Pages for Adults


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