3D Caterpillar Craft with Printable Template

Let your kids learn all about caterpillars with this 3D Caterpillar Craft with printable template. It’s a great project to touch up on life cycles of butterflies and moths.

This is a great project to make in the classroom as well, it’s a no-prep one and all you need is the printed sheets, glue, and scissors.

3D Caterpillar Craft with Printable Template

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If your kids love these adorable tiny animals, they can learn how to draw a caterpillar on their own! And if they love all things bugs we have a whole bunch of fun bug crafts for kids to explore.

How to Make the 3D Caterpillar Craft with Printable Template

What you need:

Let’s start!

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template you prefer. If you printed the black and white one, fist color it.

The Parts

Cut out all the pieces – the caterpillar body parts, antennae, legs, and head.

The Body

Fold the corners of each rounded body part (the part where it says glue).

Grab the glue – it’s glue time!

Add glue to the bent parts.

Start building the caterpillar from the left to the right.

Glue the first body part to the left side – to the two empty spaces on the template.

Continue and glue the other three body parts in the same way.

The Head

Grab the caterpillar’s head, and glue the antennae to the back of it.

Finally, glue the head over the body section on the right.

The Legs

Now, grab the four legs and glue one on each body part.

All done! You just created a 3D caterpillar!

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

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