Shoe Flower Pot – Shoe Crafts

Have an old shoe (or two) and don’t quite want to throw it away? Turn it into a gorgeous shoe flower pot!

I’ve been holding onto an old pair of shoes because I just knew there’d come a time when I’d have just the right shoe craft idea!

Shoe Flower Pot Tutorial - Shoe Crafts

Let’s make a shoe flower pot

You’ll need;

  • an old shoe (high heels are just fabulous)
  • golden acrylic spray
  • planting soil
  • plants that don’t need much watering and don’t grow much roots (succulents work out the best)

As you normally would, I originally had two red shoes and wanted to make two flower pots… But, and I have no idea how that happened, one shoe disappeared (my suspicions are on the dog). So one pot it is!

We’ll start by cleaning the shoe to remove and dust they might have gathered over time (these babies, well baby, was in the waiting for quite a few years).

DIY Shoe Flower Pot

Take the shoe outside or in a well ventilated area and evenly spray paint it from all sides (inside too). Let it dry.

You can glue on a few wood chips or small rocks inside the shoe – this will keep the soil in place.

Fill halfway with planting soil. Start planting and add soil as you go.

You’ll need to be a bit careful with this shoe flower pot for a while, until the soil “hardens” a bit and roots become stronger.




Shoe Flower Pot

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