Printable Snowman Bookmarks

We’ve got yet another printable bookmark to add to your collection! With the temperatures dropping (too fast if you ask us) we thought it was a right time to share a set of printable snowman bookmarks, as usuall one already colored and one to color in.

Printable Snowman Bookmarks - DIY Bookmarks

Printable Snowman Bookmarks

If you’re throwing a party (be it at home or a classroom party) these will be wonderful as party favors.

While true, that there isn’t really much to color when it comes to snowman, kids can still get pretty creative when it comes to decorating the hat of the snowman.

The ribbon would certainly look good with some glitter added (if you’ve been following the printable bookmark series on our website you might have noticed we have a thing for glitter here, well glue glitter to be honest).


Print the snoman bookmarks and cut along the outline. Kids can easily cut the outline with scissors. You can cut the hands with a craft knife (or just leave them as they are), a job for adults.

Print them on heavier paper if possible. You can also use the laminator to make them more durable.

Get the template here: Printable Snowman Bookmark


Love snowmen – you will love this folded snowman bookmark too

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Free Printable Snowman Bookmarks

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