Heart Corner Bookmarks

What a wonderful Valentine heart corner bookmarks can be, and you can even make them super personal by scribbling a special little note on them. Corner bookmarks are a great origami for kids and beginners and with some scissor magic afterwards, you can easily transform them into a heart.

Adorable Heart Corner Bookmarks

Heart Corner Bookmarks

What you need

  • origami paper in red (or pink)
  • scissors

Start by folding the origami paper diagonally across both diagonals. Fold into a triangle. Grab the top of the triangle and fold it toward the bottom.

Now fold the left and right angle towards the middle. Unfold. Fold the left and right angle towards the top and “tuck them into the pocket”.

Now cut the heart shape with scissors. Your heart corner bookmark is ready to be gifted to that special little someone.

You can further decorate them with a personalised note or even adding an arrow or wings made out of paper to make it look even funkier.

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Heart Corner Bookmarks

Cute Heart Corner Bookmarks

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