Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree Craft

We have another love filled arty-crafty project to share with you – this Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree is perfect both for kids and kids at heart. It’s super easy to make, and it looks lovely.

Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree Craft for Kids

What is great about this project is that it’s easy to set up and is fairly quick to make so it can easily be a classroom project. Doubles up nicely as a Valentine’s Day card, too.

Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree


What you need:

  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • ink pads – reds and pinks (you can also use finger paints)
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • pencil (optional)

First we need to make a heart stencil. The easiest way to go about it (in our honest opinion) is to fold a sheet of paper in half and draw a half-heart shape. You can easily cut the heart out then, just by cutting along the line.

Place the sheet of paper with the heart outline on top of a regular sheet of white paper. For younger kids you can secure it with some tape so it won’t move around while they get creative.

With a black marker, draw a tree withing the heart shape.


Now it is time to get messy with your fingers. Dab your fingers (thumbs and fingertips to get different shapes) in the ink pads and “stamp” them all over the heart shape. Do this until you are happy with how thick the leaves on the tree are :).

Remove the sheet of paper with the heart outline.

Draw the rest of the tree trunk, if necessary.

Wouldn’t this make the most wonderful Valentines day card too?

If you enjoyed this project we think you will love the fingerprint winter tree craft too.

Fingerprint Tree

How You Made It

Made yours? We would love to see it (and even feature some) – do send your picture to

Made by Nika

Wonderful Valentines Day Art Project for Kids - perfect fingerprint idea for classroom

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Fingerprint tree Craft
Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree Craft

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4 thoughts on “Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree Craft”

  1. So once you cut the heart template out … do you trace this on the sheet of paper that you have drawn the tree trunk on. It states that you get messy and do the finger print paint, then remove”the heart shape template”. OR do you trace the heart template and remove, then do the finger print painting. PLEASE ADVISE. Thanks.

    • First do the finger painting then remove the template, once all the finger painting is done – this way you get a sharp heart shape.

    • Hi. I am sorry you find it difficult to print a project, the website just wasn’t built in this way. We are considering an easy print solution (one page PDF’s) but it’s still in the planning stage.

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