Woven Easter Basket Craft

We are back with yet another cute DIY Easter basket idea, whit time we will be making a woven Easter basket craft.

Ready to give this Easter craft idea a go? Print the template, grab the yarn and lets’s weave! Cute Woven Easter Basket Craft for Kids to Make

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Have the kids learn and make their own little woven Easter baskets. These truly are a wonderful project to do with the kids, both at home and in the classroom.

What’s great with this Easter craft idea is that you can easily modify it to fit any age group. You can have a simple loose basket, with only a little yarn used for the younger kids and tight woven one that older kids will make.

You can even have them go a step further and have them wrap the yarn around the handle of the basket too.

Woven Easter Basket Craft for Kids

Ready to make your own little basket? Let’s do it!

Woven Easter Basket Craft

What you need:

  • our printable Easter basket template (you can find it at the end of this tutorial)
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • yarn (we love acrylic color-alternating yarn)
  • printer
  • heavier print paper

Let’s weave!

You can Watch the Video Tutorial Here

Or Follow These Simple Step by Step Instructions

Print our template (you can grab it at the end of the tutorial). Heaver print paper works best for this, as regular print paper will be hard to work with (but not impossible)

Cut along the outline.

I do recommend you first cut a circle shape along the short strips and then cut out the triangles between the strips of paper.

Take a hole puncher (you can find these at dollar stores). A regular hole puncher will do to, but more patience and precision will be needed.

Punch all the holes that are marked on the basket base.

Fold the strips at their base.


Wrap one end of the yarn around one of the strips. Make a knot.

We tied our knot around one of the longer strips, but it does not matter where you start.

Now weave your way around, making S shapes as you go.

Continue in the same direction, making circles until you reach the punched holes.

Make a paper needle for younger kids to use!

Now it’s time to thread the yarn through these holes. Older kids can use a real needle, while for younger kids you can make a “needle” out of leftover paper.

Cut a needle shape (thin and long triangle. Fold it in half (along the lenght) and see if it can go through the hole. If it goes through nicely, that’s good if not trim it a little so it goes through.

Once it goes through, cut a small hole at the wider end of the paper needle and push the yarn through.

You just made a kid safe needle.

Now thread the yarn through the holes.

We made two rounds, but you can do more or less. Once happy, tie a know.

Last thing to do is to make the handle of the basket.

Glue the longest two strips of paper at the top.

All done! Your woven Easter basket craft is done!

Cute Woven Easter Basket Craft

Woven Printable Easter Basket Craft

Get the Woven Easter basket craft printable template here:

Easter Basket Craft Template

Happy Easter crafting!

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