Wood Block Penguin Craft

This Wood Block Penguin Craft is insanely easy to make and will look great on your porch (or balcony or wherever) , no matter if it’s made by you or by your kids. It’s easy peasy!

We shared a similar wood block snowman craft a while a go, and this one makes it’s perfect companion.

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This cute penguin can be a great Christmas craft or a winter craft to make, either by grown ups or kids – it’s easy enough for all ages.

It also solves an important problem… What to do with that pair-less glove. Or that pair-less sock, as socks make the most wonderful hats too. Gather them all up for this craft project. If you are one of the “lucky” ones and have a ton of pair-less socks, specifically white ones, you can also make this cool sock snowman craft. Trust me, you won’t stop by making only one.

Wood Block Penguin Craft for Kids

How to Make a Wood Block Penguin Craft

What you need:

  • a block of wood (scrap wood is best)
  • acrylic paints / craft paints – white, black and optionally orange
  • black marker
  • glove
  • orange constructions paper, scissors, glue
  • ribbon

Step by Step Instructions

If you are working with scrap wood, clean it up a bit first.
Paint one side of the block white.

Allow the paint to dry completely before you move to the next step.

Draw a U shape with the black marker.  Draw the penguin eyes.

Paint around the U shape with black paint.

Paint all other sides of the wood block paint.

Let the paint dry.

Cut orange feet and beak and glue on the block.

Alternatively you can also paint these details with orange craft paint.

Take the glove and place it on the penguins head – some pushing and pulling might be needed.

You can use a rubber band and tie it around the “fingers”.

Tie a ribbon around the fingers.

All done!

Wood Block Penguin Craft for Kids to MakeYou’ve made yourself one adorable Wood Block Penguin Craft.

Wood Block PenguinHappy crafting!

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