Printable Winter Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

It’s the season of low temperatures and snow, so what better way for your kids to spend the afternoon than with a cup of hot cocoa and these printable winter coloring pages? From wintery snow scenes to warm winter garments, we’ve got a bunch of fun designs ready for your kids to color.

And just like our other sets of coloring pages, you can grab many of these PDF’s as free printable winter coloring sheets.

Printable Winter Coloring Pages

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Printable Winter Coloring Pages

Want even more winter designs? Be sure to check out our set of snowman coloring pages as well as penguin coloring pages.

Free Printable Winter Coloring Pages

We’re sharing ten printable winter coloring pages as free downloads. Click “Get it here” under each image to print the PDF sheets and start coloring!

Skiing Rabbit Coloring Page

Image of a skiing rabbit to color

Our furry friend is skiing down a snowy slope surrounded by majestic pine trees. The scene is set on a charming marked path, inviting kids to bring the winter wonderland to life with a burst of color.

Snowman Coloring Sheet

Big happy snowman coloring page

Have kids paint a snowy day by adding snowflakes and colors to the snowman’s scarf, hat, cheeks, buttons, and nose.

Winter Cat Coloring Page

Cat in a winter sweater color page

This cat surely knows how to enjoy winter days – sitting indoors, holding on to a cup of hot cocoa while snowflakes gently fall outside the window. Have kids color the cozy winter cat color sheet.

Snowman Snow Globe Color Sheet

Easy snowman in a snowglobe image to color

How about a miniature winter wonderland? Have children color the cute snow globe scene!

Penguin and Snowman Sheet to Color

Penguin, snowman, and an ilgoo for coloring.

Here is another frosty adventure with a penguin, a snowman, and an igloo for coloring!

Fishing Polar Bear Coloring Sheet

Polar bear ice fishing illustration to color

Have kids join the polar bear’s fishing journey and help him catch more fish.

Kids Building a Snowman Illustration to Color

Kids building a snowman image for coloring

We have a heartwarming winter illustration to color! Two kids are building a snowman – what a lovely winter scene to color!

Winter Coloring Page

Intricate winter coloring page

This winter coloring page is a mesmerizing blend of intricate details and open possibilities – great for older kids and adults.

Penguin’s Snowy Day Coloring Page

Playful penguins on a snowy day color sheet.

These two penguin pals enjoy in their snowy playground. Encourage children to color the entire winter coloring sheet.

Snow Globe and Snowflakes to Color

Detailed snowglobe picture to color

Here is another serene winter scene for coloring! Let the little ones color a cozy house within the snow globe surrounded by large, intricate snowflakes.

Member Winter Coloring Pages

We’ve got an exclusive treat for our cherished members – the complete set of 25 winter coloring pages in a handy PDF!

Dive into a winter wonderland by checking the previews to see what else is in the set. Happy coloring!

Playful Bears Winter Coloring Page

Polar bears throwing snowballs coloring page

The two polar bears are having a fun snowball play, rolling and tossing fluffy snowballs in a winter scene.

Boy in Snow Coloring Page

Boy sitting in snow on a winter day color sheet

Have kids color another pretty sight – a young boy sitting on the ground, surrounded by a blanket of freshly fallen snow.

Children Throwing Snowballs

Three kids throwing snowballs image to color

These kids are all bundled up in winter gear, ready to toss some snowballs into each other – kids can color their clothes in vivid colors to make them pop out.

Cute Girl in Winter Color Sheet

Happy girl on a snowy day illustration for coloring

Another cute winter coloring page! Have children color this happy girl enjoying the falling snowflakes.

Ice Skates Coloring Page

Ice skates illustration to color

We got a pair of elegant ice skates as the focal point. The intricately designed ice skates await vibrant colors!

Ice Skating Reindeer Image to Color

Ice skating reindeer color sheet

Check out a winter scene featuring a reindeer gracefully gliding on ice skates, ready for your kids’ creative touch.

Ice Skating Snowman Coloring Page

Happy ice skating snowman page to color

Here is another winter character on ice skates to color!

Winter Wonderland Illustration

Winter scenery sheet to color

Can you imagine a peaceful village in the mountains? This coloring page becomes a canvas for your kids’ winter dreams.

Cute Mittens Coloring Sheet

Pretty mittens color page

We all want to be warm and cozy as the winter days come! Have kids color this pair of adorable mittens with any colors they like!

Penguin in a Snow Globe to Color

Penguin in a snowglobe illustration for coloring

Meet a cute penguin enjoying inside a magical snow globe. Have children use their favorite colors to make the penguin, snowy scene, and globe colorful!

Snowglobe Color Page

House inside a snowglobe coloring page

Inside this magical snow globe, there’s a cute house just waiting for kids to add some color.

January Coloring Sheet

Squirrel on sleigh page for coloring

Here is another cute winter sheet! Kids can use their favorite colors to bring this adorable squirrel, the snowy hill, and the falling snowflakes to life!

Winter Picture to Color

Intricate winter snowglobe to color

Have a look at another winter wonderland image to color! This one includes more details – great for older kids!

Winter Hat and Mittens Coloring Sheet

Mittens and winter hat coloring page

If you’re looking for an easy-to-color winter page, we’re sharing this lovely image of mittens and a winter hat.

Winter Hats Coloring Page

Winter hats coloring sheet

On this page, you’ll find not one, not two, but nine different winter hat designs waiting for your kids’ hues!

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