Toilet Paper Roll Advent Wreath

This Toilet Paper Roll Advent Wreath is a simple and beautiful recycling craft to celebrate the 4 Sundays before Christmas Eve.

Each Sunday during Advent a candle will be “lit”.

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Wreath Craft for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Wreath

A cute Christmas craft with recycled toilet paper rolls! And here is how:

How to Make this Advent Wreath

You will need:

4 Toilet Paper Rolls
1 long piece of cardboard (app. 30×5 cm)
4 cardboard circles (app. 8 cm diameter)
8 paper flames (You can draw them on to the circle but we decided to do it seperately to make the painting easier.)

Pair of Compasses
other Decoration Materials e.g. Glitter Glue, Gold Paint


Cut out a long piece of cardboard which will form the wreath. 5 cm in width have proofed well. We simply used one of the cardboard pieces of the back of an A3 paper block!

Prepare the 4 circles. We used a set of compasses but an outline of a cup will do, too!

Draw 8 flames either separately on some paper or directly on to the circles.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Now that we have all the pieces together it is time to paint!

Choose your favourite colours to paint the toilet paper rolls which will serve as candles and the cardboard wreath.

Paint the circles in a sunny yellow. This will signify the warm candle light. The flames can be colored yellow as well. We chose to add a tiny bit of red to make them stand out from the yellow circles.

Let it dry…THE most difficult part! Wait!

Crafting with toilet paper rolls

Now it’s the time to get your decoration materials out. We made golden lines and dots with cotton buds and added some more glitter with glitter glue. (We added glitter to clear glue.)

Let it dry…

If you have separate pieces of flames then glue them on to the circles.

Bend the long piece of cardboard until it forms a circle. Tack it together.

Tack on to the wreath the toilet paper rolls.

You now have the Advent Wreath in one piece and 4 separate flames that you can attach to the candles when the times has come.

There are 2 ways to attach the flames:

1. Simply tack the flame on to the candle or

2. make 2 cuts in the width of the toilet paper roll and stick it on to the candle.

Our little ones chose the later! 🙂

And DONE! Merry Christmas and enjoy every single Advent with this cute Toilet Paper Roll Advent Wreath recycling idea!

This lovely craft was made by Hattifant and her little staff, be sure to chekck her blog out too as she shares some of the most wonderful things like this advent calendar to color or these lovely Christmas cone crafts to print and color.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft - Advent Wreath

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