How to Draw a Penguin – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Penguin Directed Drawing Guide

In this easy-to-follow guided drawing tutorial, we will be showing how to draw a penguin, a cute and simple one at that! This tutorial is perfect for kids and beginners as the steps are easy to follow, but the end result is still pretty sweet. Ready to jump into the drawing action? We’re here to … Read more

How to Draw a Turkey

Turkey Guided Drawing Lesson

Learn How to Draw a Turkey with our Step by Step Turkey Drawing instructions. If you are a teacher and want to do a Thanksgiving project with your kids, why not teach them this? Perfect for  beginners too! Love simple how to draw tutorials for kids? We have many waiting for you. *this post contains affiliate … Read more

How to Draw an Owl – Step by Step Instructions

Owl Guided Drawing Instructions

This time we are not only showing you one, but two easy how to draw an owl step by step tutorials. Both owl guided drawing instructions are really simple, with the first one you will be drawing a more cartoon like owl, while the second one will guide you to drawing a more realistic looking … Read more