Surprise Halloween Cards Craft

Have your kids experience some magic with our Surprise Halloween Cards Craft! These surprise cards are pretty special as one object turns into another – so fun to explore.

This is a simple Halloween craft that can be easily done in the classroom with a larger group too.

Surprise Halloween Cards Craft for Kids With Printable Templates

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Watch a regular pumpkin turn into a scary looking Jack o Lantern monster.

Surprise Halloween Pumpkin Cards Craft

Or a friendly ghost that will become a skeleton.

Surprise Halloween Skeleton Cards Craft

A bat will become a vampire in no time.

Surprise Halloween Vampire Cards Craft

Witches’ hat reveals a wicked witch.

Surprise Halloween Witch Cards Craft

How to Make a Surprise Halloween Cards Craft

What you need:

Step by Step Instructions

Print out the template. We have a few options – you can print the black and white template and have the kids color it in or opt for the full color template.

Both template versions also come in two sizes – make the cards big or small.

If you printed the black and white Halloween cards, first color the designs.

Once colored, cut out the template – cut along the rectangle outline.

Notice the dashed line at the top of the design, just above the head.

Fold along that dashed line.

Now let’s take a look at the bottom dashed line.

Bring the top dashed line (the fold) and align it to the bottom one.

Press down the folds, to make them nice and crisp.

All done now you can open and close the cards and see the Halloween characters in action.

Surprise Halloween Cards Craft

Happy Halloween crafting.

Surprise Halloween Cards Craft With Printable Templates

Get the Surprise Halloween Cards Craft Template

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