Snowman Cookies and Food for Kids

We’re welcoming winter with a selection of adorable snowman cookies and food for kids (and adults who love to eat fun foods!).

Each of these will bring a smile on your kids face (and might even help with fussy eaters).

Snowman Cookies and Food for Kids

Snowman Cookies and Food for Kids

Melted snowman cookies, these certainly are a must, easy to make and made to impress. Easy Peasy and Fun

Snowman Breakfast – a wonderful idea for a fun start of a wintery day. Kitchen Fun

Snowman Lunch Idea – and someting to brighten up the day. Kitchen Fun

Gingerbread Snowman Cookies – these are just the cutest. Spaceships and Laser Beams

Healthy Snack – make a healthy snack with a fun twist. Red Ted Art

Another fun Snack Spaceships and Laser Beams

Snowman Pizza – pizza. Enough said. One Little Project

Snowman Oreos – I’m a huge fan of Oreos and these look delicious. Totally the Bomb

Frosty Quesadilla  – another twist on a meal. Kitchen Fun

Funky String Cheese Snack – you can even use these as party favours. No Biggie

Melting Cookie – this is a melting snowman perfection. The Decorated Cookie

Chocolate Bark – for all of you chocolate lovers out there. Super easy to make and looks amazing. The Decorated Cookie

Hot Chocolate – curl up in a warm blankie with a cup of hot Chocolate. Meaningful Mama

Snowman Cookies and Other Food Ideas for Kids

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