Snake Corner Bookmarks

Do we have any snake fans around? I sure hope we do are making snake corner bookmarks today.

Origami corner bookmarks make a great origami for kids or beginners as they are really easy and quick to make.

Snake Corner Bookmarks Simple Origami for Kids to Make

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If you wanted a snake craft idea for kids that is on the adorable side this certainly is one to make! This little fierce bookmark is just waiting to take a bite at your favorite book.

You can make this one in many colors and you can even go beyond that and draw on some snake like skin texture.

These little craft is a great classroom idea, as well as for book club. Kids can make these for themselves or even as gifts to give to their friends and family.

Ready to make your DIY bookmark? Let’s begin!

 Cute Snake Corner Bookmarks Craft

How to Make Snake Corner Bookmarks

What you need

  • green origami paper (or any other color you want your snake to be)
  • white paper
  • yellow paper
  • pink paper
  • red paper
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • glue

Let’s make one!

Cute Snake Corner Bookmarks

Watch the Video Tutorial for Snake Corner Bookmarks

We have prepared both video folding instructions as well as photographs of all steps.

Or Follow These Step by Step Folding Instructions

Fold the origami in half diagonally (keeping the colored side on the outside).

Grab the top of the triangle and fold one layer to the bottom. A white rectangle will form.

Fold the left corner to the middle. Do the same with the right one.

Unfold them both.

Now fold the same two corners to the top of the triangle.

Tuck the corners (now on top of the triangle) inside the pocket that has formed.

You have your corner bookmark base ready!

Now Let’s Make Snake Corner Bookmarks

Cut two snake eyes out of yellow paper and draw in the details with the black marker.

Glue them on the bookmark.

Draw nostrils.

Cut two fangs out of white paper and glue them inside the bookmark.

Also draw a snake tongue and glue them inside.

Cut the pink half circle shape for the inside of the mouth and glue it onto the bottom of the bookmark.

Your corner bookmark is ready!


Cute Snake Corner Bookmarks Craft for Kids

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