Free Printable Snowflake Templates

Snowflakes are nature’s delicate masterpieces, each one unique in its intricate design. With our free printable snowflake templates, you or your kids can bring that same beauty into your home. These templates serve as a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to experiment with various designs and patterns.

Use the outlines as coloring pages, make various winter crafts with them to decorate your home or your classroom, use them for learning activities, and so much more.

These snowflake templates are free to download as handy PDF files and you’ll find a selection of different designs in different sizes to perfectly meet your needs.

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Free Printable Snowflake Templates - Snowflake Outline Templates

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With the temperatures dropping, now is the perfect time to cozy down and make a bunch of snowflake crafts. With these printable snowflake outlines, making a snowflake themed project is easy peasy.

Do you need some creative ideas? Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of our free printable star templates.

  • print out our stars on sturdy cardstock, have kids tear up some snowflake colored paper and make snowflake collage art
  • use the stars as stencils on fabric or wood for a unique touch.
  • have kids use dot daubers and decorate their snowflakes, this is a fun fine motor activity

Free Printable Snowflake Templates to Download

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Giant Snowflake Template Printouts

Use these giant snowflake printouts as a creative canvas, allowing kids to craft awesome snowflake designs on a larger scale.

Large Snowflake Template Printouts

The large templates are generous, providing enough space for intricate details or adding a touch of winter charm to various settings.

They’re perfect for all kinds of fun crafting activities!

Medium Snowflake Template Printouts

These templates are just the right size, giving kids enough space to create captivating snowflake designs. They can make colorful garlands, window art, and mobiles or use them as stencils for winter-themed projects.

Small Snowflake Template Printouts

These small templates are perfect for quick and cute crafting sessions. Their convenience makes them an ideal choice for creating all kinds of decorations, personalized greeting cards, or even festive gift tags.

Mixed Sizes Snowflake Template Printouts

Mixed-size snowflake templates bring a mix of small, medium, and large snowflake templates for a fun and varied crafting experience.

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