Printable Number Spinners 1 to 20 – Number Sense

Need a hands on activity to help your kids with number sense? These printable number spinners with numbers from 1 to 20 are really easy to set up and fun to explore.

You can make these for your classroom or have the kids make their own.

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There are many ways you can have the kids practice number sense, these printable number spinners are here to help the kids know different ways of showing the numbers. Each number is shown in 6 different ways, 7 if you count the numeric representation that is present on the top part of the spinner. There is a ten frame, number shown with dies, tally marks, starts, written with words and cubes (place value).

3 versions available, black and white version, color with black and white tops (for printing on color paper) and full color one.

How to Make our Printable Number Spinners

What you need:

  • our printable number spinners (available in our members area)
  • heavier print paper (white and color)
  • scissors
  • brads (or something similar)
  • skewer

Optional: coloring supplies if you will print the black and white version

Printable Numbers Spinners 1 to 20

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the templates on heavier print paper.

If you are printing the black and white version, or color version with black and white tops it’s best to print the tops on colored cardstock to make them look nicer.

Cut out the top and bottom part of the spinner.

Punch a hole through the middle (top and bottom part) – we used a skewer.

Insert brad through the holes on both top and bottom part.

Secure the brad by spreading the brad legs. If you don’t want the legs sticking out you can cover them with a bit of tape.

Spin and uncover different ways of writing down and showing numbers.

Printable Numbers Spinners 1 to 20. Interactive number learning for kids.

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