Printable Gift Boxes

Want to pack your little gift into a cute box? Or need many gift boxes with name tags on them? These printable gift boxes are perfect then! There are two different designs waiting for you, one with a spot to write the name (perfect for teachers wanting to surprise their students) and one without. Both of these come in black and white and pre-colored version too.Grab These Lovely Printable Gift Boxes

Printable Gift Boxes

What you need


Print whichever template you like. They all fold in a same way. We’ll show you one with the name tag, just so you see how to write the name for it to not be written upside down once you fold the gift box. See the image above :).


Once you’ve got your name where it should be, cut the box.


Fold along the dashed lines. Add glue on fields where it says glue (just a word of caution, the colored ones have the words missing, please check the black and white templates to see where the glue should go).

Assemble the box. Fill with goodies. Close (you can add a bit of glue here too).


While we think the colored ones are pretty cute, nothing beats the black and white ones you can personalize yourself! So many ways to color these (and add glitter, seriously, let them sparkle).

Adorable Printable Gift Boxes

Cute right? We think these are perfect to use for gifting kids in your classroom as you can write their names on the boxes. You can even have the kids color them themselves a couple of days before.

Cute Printable Gift Boxes

What to fill them with?

Just a couple of ideas here

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Cute Printable Gift Boxes Black and Coloured

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