Potty Training Tips, Tricks and Stories + Fun Potties!

Potty training is a challenge. Not just for the child but for the parents too. While there is no one method fits them all there are some great potties, potty training tips and tricks that might help you through the process – shared by the best professionals on this field – moms!

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One way to go about it is to have a fun potty! I mean who can resist one of these?

Fun Potties For Easier Potty Training

1.Easy peesy frog shaped potty (well urinal) for boys (boys sure do have an awesome looking potty trainer don’t they? – I mean who could resist this one!)

2. Here’s one shaped like a frog for boys and girls – certainly beats the regular dull potty!

3. Who could resist potty training when you have Disney characters on your potty?

4. Take a ride in a fire truck potty – how fun is that?

5. This royal stepstool is fit for a princess or a prince!

Potty Training Tips

Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family, author of Potty Train in a Weekend

 “We trained each of our four kids before they were two. We found it easiest to just pick a weekend and go for it! Our kids all responded well to this fast-track method so they were trained in 1-3 days. My best tip is to watch for the window of opportunity – usually right around 21 months, when they are interested and encouraged and then run with it!”

Lena from What Mommy Does 

I’m opposite of Becky, my favorite method after trying different things with 3 kids is waiting until they ask you to go potty over and over so when you do it, they basically train themselves in 3 days. It’s the lazy method.

Sara K.

One tip I have to share is to keep the water running if they can’t go! Worked like a charm for us!


Just wait it out, when they are ready you’ll know it!


Jennifer from the Jenny Evolution shares her Potty Training Strategies that Work

Katelyn from What’s up Fagans

The truth about potty training is that it isn’t so much a matter of having kids who are curious and into it, it’s a matter of the parents being committed to actually potty training! Sure, a child has to have certain signs of readiness, an understanding of bowel movements, an ability to express themselves, and so on, but if the parent just can’t handle the mess, the stress, the constant running back to the toilet every 30 minutes, the messed underwear, and soiled floors, then they’ll give up and the process will linger on forever. Parents have to be committed to training their kids. It doesn’t have to be in 3 days’ time, but however it is done, the parents need to be really ready to commit, no matter what method they choose. 

Ayesha from Words n Needles 

Potty training isn’t just about the child. You have to be ready too. If you have two under two, or more, it becomes increasingly difficult. Consider the fact that you may have to assist them atleast for two years till they are fully independent. Do you have the time and energy to give your child that attention? If you lose it midway, they may have trouble being consistent too. 

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Reward charts were what did it for us. Stickers are a life savior!


We did the infant potty training. We didn’t use drapers unless really necessary and would just rush to the bathroom whenever there were signs of pee or poo. This method really requires you to be patient and trust me there are many accidents but it just felt more natural to us. My tip to parents trying this method would be just be patient it is a natural thing and your kids will learn.

Sharla from The Caos and the Clutter

A mother of 7 and a foster parent has a ton of experience with potty training and she does not use a potty to potty train.

Natasha from Tiny Tots Adventures

Natasha shares two must read potty training stories


Just go to your happy place. This too shall pass.

Potty Training Tips Tricks and Stories

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