Fun Writing Activity for Kids

When I was a teen forums were in full bloom – you just had to be a part of an online community as it was cool. There were usually a ton of useful debates going on but pretty much every forum had it’s own “off topic” section where we’d play games. One of the games was where each person would write a sentence and the next person would continue it (and so on) and we’d end up with a funny story. I think this also makes a great writing activity for kids.

Fun Activity To Get Them Writing
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This activity can be done at home with you and your kid, amongst siblings, the whole family or in the classroom setting – the more kids take part the funnier the story can be! It’s also great for all ages and you can even include younger kids that don’t yet know how to write – just have them say “what comes next” and you write it down (I guarantee the story will get some unusual twists this way!).

A Writing Activity for Kids

You can be the one to start the story – let the first sentence or paragraph be a bit specific so that you will make it easier for the kids to continue a story. Beginning a story with something like “It was a cloudy day…” is simple but might prove to be difficult to continue for some kids. Also you can let the younger kids just finish the sentences with what they want and older kids write more than just one sentence. You can with something like;

A: “There once was a bunny named Pip. He lived in a house near the forest. One day he went on a walk in the forest and there he saw…”

This way the story is set and ready to become awesome.

B: “…a giant panda.”

A: “Bunny never saw a panda before so he asked the panda…”

B: “…what is your name?”

A: “My name is Bobo.” panda replied. They talked for a while and then out of nowhere…”

B: “…came a dinosaur”.

Take it even further

Once the story is finished, or even while it’s still in creative progress, you can even make illustrations (where possible, believe me sometimes things can get a bit out of our dimension) and make their own storybook!

Fun Writing Activity For Kids
Image via Dollar Photo Club


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