Pirate Paper Bag Puppets – with printable template

Ready to make Talk Like a Pirate Day extra fun? Make these pirate paper bag puppets and talk away!

Paper bag puppets have been popular with kids for ages, and these really give you a good reason to walk around and talk like a pirate, aaarrr.

Pirate Paper Bag Puppets

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You’ll even find a template at the end of this article, that will help you out with some of the details for this puppet set. As for the pirates? There are so many ways you can make them – make a boy or a girl pirate, bearded or shaved clean.

Let your child’s imagination be the guide for this process.

Pirates - Paper Bag Puppets

How to Make Pirate Paper Bag Puppets

What you need:

  • cardstock or construction paper
  • paper bags
  • glue
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • gold glitter foam sheet or gold glitter cardstock

Supplies to Make Pirate Paper Bag Puppets

Step by Step Instructions

If you wish, you can print out the template(that you can find at the bottom of this article) and cut it out.

Next, cut a few large squares of construction paper and glue onto the paper bag. Glue them on the side that the square bottom flaps up, alternatively you can also paint the paper bags.

Step 1

Cut and glue strips of paper onto the bags to give the shirts some stripes (or again, paint them on).

For the pirate’s belt, glue a brown strip of paper across the paper bag.

Trim off any excess paper with scissors. 

Step 2

You’ve made a pirate with the striped shirts… Now let’s make one wearing a vest.

Cut two “half cicles”, sig zag them on the bottom and glue the vest onto the pirate’s shirt (see image bellow). Use paper to add more details.

Step 4

There are many more ways you can dress up your pirates – have a little fun with it. 

Make the Belt

Let’s finish up the belt. For the buckle, cut rectangles from gold glitter foam or cardstock and glue them onto the pirate’s belts.

Next cut a small rectangle, smaller than the gold one, from black paper and glue into the center of their belts.

Step 3

Move to the head. You can trace the head template onto flesh toned paper. Cut out and then glue onto the top of the paper bag.

Step 5

Let’s make the bandanas! The outline is included in our template so you can trace the bandana template onto colored paper, cut out and glue onto the top of the pirate’s heads.

Time for a hairdo. Cut hair pieces from various colored paper and slip under the bandana or hat while the glue is still wet.

Step 6

Earrings? Why not :).

Step 6-1

No need to stick to bandanas only, why not have a pirate with a proper pirate’s hat.

Step 7

Make the face

Now let’s make the face. Start by tracing the eye template onto white and black cardstock. Glue the eyes together (or draw the black with a marker) and then glue them onto the pirate’s face.

Moustache? Why not- find the outline on the printable template.

Step 8

You can also add eyelashes to the girl pirate.

Step 9

Draw nose and mouth with a black marker. You can also draw not so freshly shaven beard with a marker. 

What would a pirate do without his or her sword. Make one and stick it on to your pirate puppet (template included).

Boy Pirate Puppet

Pretty aren’t they?

Girl Pirate Puppet

Make as many as you want – the more the merrier the bunch.

Boy Pirate Bag Puppet

These will be so much fun to play with.

Pirates Puppets

Why not add a parrot to this crew too?

Pirate Paper Bag Puppets

Get the Pirate Paper Bag Puppets Template Here

There’s also a template for a parrot if you’d like to create a parrot to go along with your pirate crew!

Get your Pirate Paper Bag Puppets Template here.


Project contributed by Jacquelyn.

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