Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath

Feeling beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive. Making this Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath is not only beautiful, but it’s so fun to make. Using basic materials, you can easily make this wreath.

You can use pink and red for the flowers on the head wreath or you can change it up. You can’t go wrong with any flower color using this tutorial.

Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath

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Pipe Cleaners Flowers Head Wreath

Whether you’re making a costume or just want to make a pretty creation today, this head wreath is the perfect craft.

You can make dozens of these head wreaths to enjoy in different styles.

Making your own head wreath is easy - follow this diy head wreath tutorial.

How to Make This Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath

What you need:

  • Scissors,
  • 2 kinds of pink crepe paper
  • Green pipe cleaner

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Making a head wreath is fun because you can make it out of materials that you already have! Using less than 4 materials, you can create a head wreath. To start: Cut an elongated stripe of the crepe paper.

Step 1

Fold it like a fan after that fold in half.

Step 2

Once it’s folded in half, start folding it like an accordion.

Step 3

Once it is folded all of the way, it should look like this.

Step 4

Go ahead and fold the accordion in half, like so.

Step 5

Next, wrap around the bottom of the flower with the light green pipe cleaner.

Step 6

You are going to trim the very top of the flower.

Step 7

You are going to cut the flower at an appropriate length.

Step 8

You will also want to make different variations of the flowers.

Step 9

Once you are done making flowers, they should look something like this.

Step 10

Start to wrap the light and the dark green pipe cleaner together, while adding and wrapping the flowers too.

Step 11

Keep going until the wreath is completed.

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

Step 15

Step 16

Step 19

When you are done, the Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath will look complete.

Kids will love completing this wreath and then wearing it!

Step 20

Pipe Cleaners Flower Head Wreath

DIY Flower Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath

DIY Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath

Pipe Cleaners Head Wreath Idea


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