Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft Idea

It’s been a while since we last shared a toilet paper roll craft idea, so it was about time to make a new one (or a few) again. As we love peacocks we though we’d make a toilet paper roll peacock craft and we think it turned out super adorable.

There’s lots of cutting involved so this craft is great for cutting skills.Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft for Kids

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We do have quite a few toilet paper roll crafts on our website, but have been “slacking off” with them lately and this needs to change! We love frugal crafting materials above all, and toilet paper rolls sure fit the bill (although we do prefer the kitchen paper towel rolls).

Paper Roll Peacock Craft for Kids to Make

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft

What you need

  • paper roll (toilet paper roll, kitchen towels roll or even a store bough set of craft rolls)
  • blue paper or paint
  • green paper
  • yellow paper
  • glue
  • scissors

Optional: wiggle eye stickers (certainly more fun than drawing your eyes with a marker).

Paper Roll Peacock Craft for Kids

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Drawing Instructions

Cut blue paper, it needs to be the same width as the paper roll and long enough so that you will be able to wrap it around the toilet paper roll.

You can also use blue paint to color the paper roll.

Spread glue on the blue paper.

And wrap it around the toilet paper roll. Allow the glue to set.

Cut lots of strips of paper. We used a paper trimmer to speed up things but scissors work out nicely too.

Our strips of paper were cut across the width of a sheet of regular paper and were about a “finger” wide.

Make loops by gluing the two ends of paper together.

Apply a generous amount of glue on the back of the toilet paper roll.

Stick one one loop. And another…

Until you have a nice looking peacock tail.

Cut beak out of yellow paper. Glue it on the paper roll. Also stick on two eyes (or draw them).

Cut two feet our of yellow paper.

Stick them on the bottom (on the inside) of the paper roll.

You have just made your toilet paper roll peacock craft.

Cute Paper Roll Peacock Craft for Kids

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