Paper Plate Sun Craft

What better way to welcome summer in your home than to make a cute paper plate Sun craft? This Sun is a cool one – the sunglasses are here to prove it.

This is a great summer craft for little hands as it offers a good scissor skill workout. You can make it at home with your kids or as a classroom project as a bulletin board full of unique paper plate Suns will look beyond amazing.

Paper plate sun craft idea for kids.

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Paper plate crafts are great for crafting with larger groups of kids as this is a very versatile material and an inexpensive one. A pack or two of paper plates, paints, scissors and glue keeps kids creative and occupied.

Cute Paper Plate Sun Craft

There are many ways to go about making the Sun, we’ll show you how to make a super cool Sun (sunglasses do that) as well as some more inspiration ideas for your kids.

You can also make a cool paper plate sun with rainbow craft, as this is one of the tutorials we previously shared.

Happy Sun Paper Plate Craft

How to Make the Paper Plate Sun Craft

What You Need:

  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pink colored paper or paink paint
  • black marker
  • paint (yellow, orange, and black)
  • paintbrush

Step by Step Tutorial

One sun needs one paper plate.

Step 1

Paint the inners circle of the paper plate with bright yellow paint.

Step 2

Paint the outer circle with orange paint (or another color).

Let the paint dry.

Step 3

Time to make the rays. Cut out triangle shapes out of the outer circle to make the sunrays.

Step 4

Now, let’s make the cool sunglasses!

Draw an outline of the sunglasses and paint it with black paint. You can have the kids use a black marker as well.

Step 5

Using a black marker, draw a mouth for their sun – a smile or a funny expression, it’s up to your kids to decide!

Step 6

You can either paint the cheeks (round sponge brush is perfect for the job) or glue two pink paper circles on the paper plate.

Step 7

And there you have it – a cool sunny paper plate sun craft that’ll lighten up any day!

Step 8

Did your kids like making this DIY project?

DIY Paper Plate Sun Craft

More Sun Paper Plate Crafts

Another way to make a fun sun is to paint the whole paper plate yellow. Next have the kids paint a sheet of paper (or newspaper) orange and cut out small triangles out of it. Have them glue the orange paper triangles onto the paper plate.

If you want to focus on fine motor skills, you can purchase a pack of yellow paper plates so kids can skip the painting part. Have the kids cut paper strips (from yellow and orange paper) and glue the paper strips on the paper plate.

You can also have them focus on painting only – this gives this project a completely artsy approach. Let them paint the paper plate with yellow paint and make the rays with different shades of red or orange.

There’s no need to limit the kids to just orange and yellow color either. This is a perfect project to explore colors.

We think it is a perfect summer craft idea for kids!

Paper Plate Sun Craft Idea

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