Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

The Paper Plate Giraffe Craft is a fun and creative craft project that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

You can create a whimsical giraffe with simple materials to brighten any room or space.

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

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DIY Paper Plate Giraffe

This craft project is easy to make and a great way to introduce children to the world of art and creativity.

DIY Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

Let’s get started on this exciting crafting adventure!

Easy Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

How to Make the Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

What you need:

  • printable template (optional)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paper plate
  • color paper (yellow and brown)
  • acrylic paint (yellow and brown)
  • paintbrush
  • black marker
  • white chalk pen
  • two brown pom-poms
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Head

Paint the paper plate yellow.

Step 1

The Ears

Draw two ears on the yellow sheet.

Step 2

Draw two smaller ears on the brown sheet.

Step 3

Cut them out and glue the elements on top of each other.

Step 4

The Horns

Cut a thin strip from the yellow sheet.

Step 5

You will want to cut the strip in half.

Step 6

Add brown pom-poms to the yellow strips.

Step 7

The Face

Paint the bottom half of the paper brown.

Step 8

Draw three spots of brown in the middle of the top of the paper plate.

Step 9

It’s time to draw the facial parts – start by drawing the eyes with a black marker.

Step 10

Draw a nose, mouth, and eyebrows.

Add white dots to the eyes.

Step 11

Glue the ears and horns to the back of the paper plate.

Step 12

Make sure everything is glued down well.

Step 13

The Hair

On the brown card, draw three hairpins.

Step 14

Cut them out.

Step 15

Glue them together and glue them on the paper plate.

Step 16

The final giraffe looks super cute and ready to display throughout your school or home.

Step 17

We love how it turned out!

DIY Giraffe Paper Plate Craft

And we can’t wait to see yours!

Paper Plate Giraffe

You can place it on a wall for decoration!

Giraffe Paper Plate Animal Craft

Have fun crafting!

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft Idea

Get Your Giraffe Paper Plate Craft Here

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

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