Paper Ice Cream Craft

Let’s scream for ice cream! This paper ice cream craft is a great project for summer break.

Let the kids open up their pretend play ice cream shop where they will sell their own funky and silly paper ice creams.

Paper Ice Cream Craft

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Raise your hands and scream “yummy yummy” if you adore ice-cream just like we do!

Ice-cream is soo delicious, huh? We just can’t stop eating it. 

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids

Today’s project will be a super-duper one.

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids

We crafted the sweetest ice-creams for you to play with.

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids to Make

Plus guess what?! You can’t melt these in the sun, so they basically last forever.

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids

How to Make Paper Ice Cream Craft

What you need:

  • popsicle sticks
  • self-adhesive googly eyes
  • scissors
  • glue
  • double self-adhesive foam tape or foam squares

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

Let’s start!

Print the template – you’ll find it at the end of this tutorial.

Step 1

You can use the color versions or the black and white ones if you want to color the ice-creams with colors of your choice.

Then cut the shapes out using scissors.Step 2

We will start working on the cone ones first.

Step 2-1

Cut some foam tape and place it on the back of the toppings (on the strawberries, on the cherries and on the cream).

Step 2-2

Remove the protective foil …

Step 2-3
… and glue the toppings on each of the ice-creams.

Step 2-4

Then take the self-adhesive googly eyes and add them on the ice-cream scoops as shown in the picture.

Step 2-5

Apply some glue on the top of the popsicle sticks …

Step 3

… and glue them to the other ice-cream shapes.

Step 3-1

Let the glue dry.

Step 3-2

Add googly eyes on the rest of the ice-creams to animate them.

Step 4

Now we will work on the 3-D ice-creams.

Step 5

Put some foam tape on the circle, rectangle and star shapes …

Step 5-1

… and place them on their molds on each of the ice-creams.

Step 5-2

These look cute, right?

Step 6

You will need to match the colors, the shapes, and the sizes.

Step 6-1

All done!

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids


Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids

How awesome is this project, huh?

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids

Go share these ice-creams with your friends, family, or decorate your room with them.

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids

You can make some cool pictures and send them to us, so we can see how much joy this project brought you!

Paper Ice Cream Craft for Kids to Make

Have fun guys and stay tuned for more easy-peasy crafts!

Paper Ice Cream Craft Idea

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Project contributed by Ema.

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