Paper Flower Mother’s day Card

Everyone loves a well thought out handmade card and Mother’s day is he best day of the year to have your kids show off their crafty skills. This simple tutorial will show you how to make a cool paper flower Mothers day card, a project that’s really great to make in the classroom.

It does require some prep work but the whole process will be an enjoyable one for your little friends. 

Paper Flower Mothers day Card Idea for Kids

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Mother’s day art and craft projects are one of our favorites, kids love creating thoughtful keepsakes for their mothers, guardians or other significant person in their lives – Mother’s day (and Father’s day) are great holidays just for that.

This simple “child holding a flower card” is great for any holiday – and as the process of making it requires the kids to also be little models, they enjoy this activity.

Paper Flower Mothers day Card

Make a card, add a special note and you have a wonderful and thoughtful card.

Paper Flower Mother days Card


How to Make Paper Flower Mothers day Card

What you need:

  • a photo of the child
  • paper in red or other floral color
  • green paper
  • cardstock for card base
  • yellow paper
  • paper trimmer or scissors
  • circle punch (optional)
  • glue
  • scissors

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Start by having a photo session. This needs to be done before. Have the kids hold a small object in their hands and pose like they are holding a bouquet of flowers (best agains a background in one color which will make it easy to edit the photos – you can also skip the editing and just cut out the child’s outline).

Step 2

Print the photos and cut the outlines.

Step 3

Cut think strips of paper. Paper trimmer works best for this (kids love it). The size of the paper strips depends on the size of the card – it’s best to test things out a bit before starting the craft session. This step can be done beforehand or the kids can cut the strips by themselves, all depending on age of the child, the time you have to complete the project…

Step 4

Make paper loops. Apply glue on one end of the paper strip…

…and glue the ends together.

Make a whole bunch.

Step 5

Cut (or punch) a yellow circle. Glue the paper strips on one side of the circle.

Continue until you are happy with how the petals look.

Step 6

Fold a sheet of cardstock in half.

Step 7

Cut a thin strip of green paper (flower stem) and glue it on the card.

Step 8

Stick the child photo on the card.

Step 9

Stick the flower on the card.

Step 10

Write a special note.

All done! Your Paper Flower Mothers day Card is complete and ready to be given to a special person in child’s life. 

Paper Flower Mothers day Card Idea

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