Paper Easter Egg Decoration

It’s time to get creative with your Easter eggs! These Paper Easter Egg Decoration are a great way to add some creativity and flair to the holiday.

You can hang them on the tree, use them as place cards, or even make little gifts out of them.

Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

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We enjoy making all kinds of Easter Crafts (check out our Movable Bunny Paper Doll or have fun with Easter Finger Puppets).

Paper Easter Egg Ornament

Paper Easter egg ornaments are a great project for little hands.

Kids get to decorate small eggs and hang them on goat willow branches.

Easter Egg Paper Ornaments

This activity will keep them busy for hours, a win-win for parents and kids.

How to Make the Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

What you need:

  • goat willow branches
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • color papers (light and dark blue, green, purple, pink, and yellow)
  • color markers
  • silk ribbon
  • transparent tape

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Glue the goat willow branches onto a piece of blue paper.

Step 1

You might have to add a lot of glue to the willow. 

Step 2

Repeat this step – glue more branches.

Step 3

Draw three eggs on green color paper and cut them out.

Step 4

Repeat the step by drawing three eggs on the pink paper. Cut them out.

Step 5

Continue and repeat the procedure on the yellow color paper.

Step 6

We want some blue eggs too, so draw and cut three of them out.

Step 7

Having different colors of eggs will make our craft even prettier.

Draw and cut out three eggs on the purple color paper.

Step 8

Draw patterns on the eggs with markers.

Step 9

You can experiment and draw different designs – we drew zig-zag patterns.

Step 10

We used matching color markers for egg designs.

Step 12

Cut small pieces of thin ribbon.

Step 11

Make a loop.

Step 13

Glue the ribbon to the back of the eggs with transparent tape.

Step 14

Then hang the eggs on the branches of the goat willow.

Step 15

Hang all of the eggs to different positions.

Step 16

If you’re looking for a fun and full of flair activity to do with your kids, then these paper Easter egg ornaments will do the trick! 

Easter Egg Ornaments Craft

Your craft can be a nice decoration for the Easter table.

DIY Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

Isn’t it pretty?

DIY Paper Easter Egg Ornaments Craft

You can gift your Easter egg ornaments to your loved ones too.

DIY Paper Easter Eggs Ornaments

The sky is the limit to adding these DIY decorations around your home.

Happy Easter!

Paper Easter Egg Ornaments Idea

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