Paper Circles Snake Craft

Ready for the coolest paper circles craft idea ever? This paper circles snake craft does require quite a few paper circles but it looks amazing!

This is a great craft for kindergarten as it focuses on fine motor skills a lot!

Paper Circle Snake Craft for Kids

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You can make this cool snake craft in one color, two colors or as many as you like. Why not make a rainbow snake?

Paper Circles Snake Craft for Kids

This super adorable snake craft is fun to make and even more fun to play with.

Paper Circles Snake Craft for Kids to Make

Snakes are scary creatures, but this guy we made today is totally harmless.

Paper Circles Snake Craft for Kids to Make

So have fun making this project.

Paper Circles Snake Craft for Kids to Make

How to Make a Paper Circles Snake Craft


What you need:

  • circle puncher
  • color papers
  • pipe cleaner
  • 5 wooden beads
  • glue
  • scissors
  • googly eyes

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

Thread one bead on the pipe cleaner and make a hook.

Step 1
Thread the rest of the beads starting from the opposite end.

Step 2
Punch out a bunch of circles and start treading them on the pipe cleaner.

We started off with 10 yellow circles. Older kids can thread them directly on the pipe cleaner, while younger kids will need to punch a hole in the middle first – we recommend using plastic needles for sewing or similar non sharp object.

Step 3

Continue with other colors. 

If you like to have a bigger snake to wrap around your arm, you can attach as many pipe cleaners as you want to and thread more paper circles.

Step 4
Secure the pipe cleaner by making a circle as shown in the picture.

Step 6
Apply some glue on the pipe cleaner and add one more paper circle.

Step 7
Put the googly eyes on.

Step 8
Make a snake tongue and glue it on the face.

Step 9

All done!

Paper Circles Snake Craft for Kids to Make

We named our snake Drake.

Paper Circles Snake Craft for Kids

You can give it a different name, like Snaky Snake or Mr. Bun.

Paper Circles Snake Craft for Kids to Make

Hope you liked today’s project.

Stay tuned here on Easy Peasy and Fun for more snake crafts.

Paper Circles Snake Craft Idea

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