Paper Circle Crab Craft

Here is an easy craft idea for the summer break or a cute end of school project – make a paper circle crab craft.

This one is really sweet and easy which makes it perfect for preschool and kindergarten.

Paper Circle Crab Craft for Kids

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Already planning your summer crafts for kids? This little crab craft is a great one to add to that list, it’s so simple it can be made everywhere!

Last days of school? It’s perfect as it doesn’t require much work (or concentration and patience). An activity to take along on your family holiday? You can set it up in no time, so again perfect. A project for a summer camp? It can be a wonderful card to send to friends and family.

How to Make a Paper Circle Crab Craft

What you need:

  • red construction paper (or any other color you feel is crab worthy)
  • blue paper for the base
  • black marker
  • two big googly eyes
  • paper punch in 2 sizes or two circle shapes to trace around

Step by Step Instructions

Start by making the circles.

If you have circle paper punches at your disposal, make circles with those, if not find round objects in different sizes – like a glass and a glass jar, and trace around them.

You will need 1 big circle and 4 small ones.

Fold all of the circles in half.

Glue the bigger half circle on the base paper (lower half of the paper – in the middle).

Make the claws – stick two smaller folded circles above the large one, forming a V shape.

Do the same with the other pair of circles.

Draw a set of legs with the black marker.

Draw a line from the claws to the body of your paper crab.

Stick two big googly eyes (or draw the eyes) above the crab’s body.

Draw a line from the eyes to the body with the black marker.

All done! Your Paper Circle Crab Craft is complete.

Paper Circle Crab Craft

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