Paper Christmas Decorations

You will love how simple and gorgeous these hanging paper Christmas decorations are.

These are perfect to decorate your home or classroom with and are easy enough for preschoolers, kids in kindergarten and older kids to make.

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These particular paper Christmas decorations are my favorite of all time! I went a little bit nuts about these when I was a kid, as we would make these as our classroom Christmas decorations, along with paper snowflakes.

When I realised, the thinner the paper slits, the larger and more intricate the decoration I made a ton, each trying to be larger and more glamorous than the one before. So simple and oh so pretty.

We made these out of regular white paper when I was a kid, but I also think colorful versions look amazing.

Especially a green one as you can even decorate it with a star on top and with some paper decorations (or pom poms) as Christmas baubles. Such a great Christmas activity for the classroom party.

Want to learn how to make these? Let’s get crafting.

Paper Christmas Decorations Craft for Kids

How to make Simple Paper Christmas Decorations

What you need:

  • square paper (it can be regular print paper cut into a square or you could just use origami paper)
  • scisors
  • string for hanging

Additional colorful paper if you will be decorating your decorations even further.

Watch the Simple Paper Christmas Decorations Video Tutorial

Or follow the Step by Step Instructions

If you are working with regular paper, cut it into a square.

Fold the paper diagonally to make a triangle.

Now fold the triangle in half (you’ll get another triangle).

Time for some cutting.

Start at the top and make sure the cutting is parallel to the bottom side of the triangle. Cut near the top – but don’t cut all way through.

Turn around and cut from the other side – to the other side, again not all the way through.

Turn again and repeat the drill (and again and again) until you reach the bottom.

Slowly unfold the paper (it might get a bit stuck here and there).

Grab hold at the middle – string a thread for hanging and hang.

If you want to turn this into a Christmas tree decoration, add decorations – a paper star on top, pom poms or hanging paper ornaments.

Your super simple paper Christmas decorations are all done and ready for hanging.

Paper Christmas Decorations Craft

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