Newspaper Flowers Recycled Craft for Kids

If you have a habit of collecting old newspaper to use in for your kid’s craft projects you are going to love this newspaper flowers recycled craft for kids to make.

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Newspaper Flowers Recycled Craft for Kids. Great craft to do with kids in the classroom.

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We really do love recycled crafts. I am a total hoarder when it comes to scrap materials we use in crafting sessions as I just know there is always a great way to use them up.

I am super excited to share this newspaper recycled flowers (made by Jacquelyn) as it uses two amazing materials that open a window of crafting possibilities: newspaper and bubble wrap. If you can resist the temptation of popping bubble wrap it can be used as an art supply – a brush with the most amazing texture that will delight both kids and adults. If you haven’t yet tried bubble wrap painting, I urge you to give it a go.

How to Make Recycled Newspaper Flowers

These recycled newspaper flowers are so cool. Such a cool spring kindergarten craft for kids to make.

Recycled Art Project for Kids

What you need:

  • newspaper
  • bubble wrap
  • paints
  • brushes
  • scissors
  • glue
  • cardstock or canvas
  • optional: cupcake liners, pom poms

Step by step Instructions

Prepare your newspaper and bubble wrap. Paint bubble wrap with bright floral colors and press it down (stamp it) on the newspaper. Isn’t it the coolest texture ever?

Let the paint dry before you move to the next step.

Paint the bubble wrap

Cut circles. You can use a variety of templates from the household – cups, tape…

Trace circle shape

Cut Circles

Like you did in the first step, also paint bubble wrap green and stamp it on the newspaper.

Cut leaves shapes and a few stems.

Cut leaves and stems

Fold the bubble print circles in half and then in half again. These little triangles will give your newspaper flower a bit of volume.


Time to make a flower base. Either glue the 4 folded circles on a circle base, or glue corners of each folded circle together to create a circle (one on top of the other or wiggled inside each other).


If you decided to include the cupcake liners (they pretty up the flowers). Flatten them, fold in half and then fold in half again. Trim the wide side with scissors.

Shape cupcake liners

Unfold the cupcake liner and you’ll see a wonderful flower shape. Glue it on the bottom or top of the newspaper flower.

Make flower crafts

Glue the flowers, leaves and stem on canvas.

Recycled Flower Craft

You could decorate them even more, with an even smaller cupcake liner shape in the middle. Let your imagination be the guide.

Last details

Want to decorate even more? Why not use a pom pom and glue it in the center of the flower.

Flower Craft for Kids

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