Mothers Day Paper Flower – Paper Peony Craft

We’re going to show you how to make a Mothers Day Paper Flower that hides a wonderful surprise inside. If you want to make a craft to surprise your mom, this paper peony will be perfect. 

Follow the step by step tutorial and you’ll soon have the most wonderful DIY mother’s day gift you could think of.

Mothers Day Paper Flower

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DIY Mothers Day Paper Flower Craft

We are so happy to guide you through the process of making this craft. It’s a wonderful peony surprise flower!

Paper Mothers Day Flower Craft

That’s right, it hides a photo or a hidden message inside.

Mothers Day Paper Peony Flower

We are crazy about peonies.

Mothers Day Paper Flower Craft

They are so big and luxurious with dense flower leaves, plus they smell so lovely.

Mothers Day Paper Flower Spring Craft

We call them flower balls, and they are one of our favorite flowers for sure.

Mothers Day Paper Flower Surprise

What do you say about crafting one for your mum and letting her know that she is profoundly and dearly loved, huh?

How to Make Mothers Day Paper Flower

What you need:

  • light red cardstock
  • red color paper
  • green color paper
  • brown cardstock
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hot glue (+a hot glue gun)
  • pencil
  • bow compass
  • circle puncher
  • photo of you smiling or being silly (you can also make this flower without a picture inside if you want to, but the image is what makes this peony a surprise peony)
  • black liner
  • straw

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

The Flower

Take the bow compass and draw three circles on the light red cardstock.

The diameters of the circles should be 8,6 cm, 7,6 cm, and 5,6 cm.

Step 1

Cut out the circles.

Step 2

The Photo

Take a photograph and punch your smiling or silly face out. The diameter of the circle puncher should be 3,8 cm.

If you don’t have a circle puncher this size, go on and form a circle on the photo with the bow compass, then cut the circle out.

If you do not want to use a photo, punch out a light red circle instead. But to make this peony a surprise peony, the picture is needed.

Step 4

The Petals

Punch out twenty-five red circles. Again, if you don’t have a circle puncher this size, form the rings with the bow compass, then cut them out.

Step 5

Fold the circles as shown in the picture. Make sure you do not fold them in half, but less.

Step 6

Apply some glue on the smaller (folded) parts of the circles. Take the most giant light red circle and start attaching these red circles to it.

Step 8

You should glue eight small red circles to the biggest light red circle as shown.

Step 9

Press the circles inward, so you get this closed flower part you see in the picture.

Step 10

Repeat this step with the remaining two light red circles. Attach seven red circles to the bigger-sized light red circle and then attach six circles to the smaller light red circle.

Close them afterward. We have four remaining red circles on the table now.

Step 11

Glue these four red circles around the photo circle (or glue them around the light red circle if you decided not to use a photo).

Step 12

These are the four flower parts we have crafted so far.

Step 13

Go on and glue them one inside the other. That’s how you form the flower.

Step 15

Beautiful, isn’t it? Now close the flower and leave it aside.

Step 16

The Stem

Take the green color paper and cut out four long strips approximately 1 cm wide.

Step 17

Apply some glue on the first strip.

Step 18

Start wrapping this strip around the straw.

Step 19

When you are done with the first strip, continue with the second one.

Step 20

We have the stem ready.

Step 21

Take the remaining two green strips and wrap them around the stem’s ends.

Step 22

Finished! Now we move on to the leaves.

Step 23

The Leaves

On green paper, draw some peony leaves. Make two branches with three leaves on each one.

Step 24

Cut the leaves out using scissors.

Step 25

Now take one branch with leaves and trace it two more times on the green paper.

Step 26

Draw smaller leaves inside the bigger ones.

Step 27

Cut the branches with the smaller leaves out.

Step 28

Let’s see now. You should have two bigger branches with leaves and two smaller ones.

Step 29

Glue the smaller branches with leaves on top of the bigger ones.

Step 30

The Pedestal

Take the circle puncher and punch out a circle in the brown cardstock.

If you don’t have a circle puncher with a 3,8 cm diameter, take the bow compass, form a circle, and then cut it out.

Step 31
These are all the parts we need to start assembling the flower now.

Step 32

First, we glue the stem on the back of the flower using some hot glue.

Step 33

After the glue sets, we continue gluing the branches with the leaves on the stem.

Step 34

Then we apply some glue to the bottom part of the stem, and we attach it to the brown circle. Finished!

Step 35

Now open the flower and write a short message inside like “Love you mum” or “Mum, you’re the best” or “Thanks mum for everything.”

This step is optional.

You don’t have to write anything inside the flower if you don’t want to.

Step 36

The last thing to do is to close the flower.

Step 37

Your Mothers Day paper flower is all done!

Mothers Day Paper Flowers

We assembled our peony! Yaay!

DIY Mothers Day Paper Flower
Now we wait for our mums to arrive home, and we gift them these surprise peonies.

DIY Mothers Day Paper Flower Spring Craft
Aren’t they lovely? We adore them! We hope you adore them too!

DIY Mothers Day Flower Craft
Happy Mother’s Day!

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