Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day Paper Craft

Does your child want to make their very own Mother’s Day Card? Choose this Mother’s Day Paper Craft!

It’s a beautiful piece of art that any child will enjoy doing.

Mothers Day Paper Craft

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Making Mother’s Day Crafts is unique (check out our Twist and Pop Mother’s Day Card or color and assemble a Mother’s Day Agamograph Template).

DIY Happy Mothers Day Paper Craft

Create the perfect card for Mother’s Day with this simple tutorial.

Paper Mothers Day Craft

The bright, colorful card will undoubtedly smile on any mom’s face!

How to Make the Mother’s Day Paper Craft

What you need:

  • printable template
  • color papers (purple, yellow, body-colored, two shades of pink, and blue)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • markers (pink and black)
  • eyeshadow powder
  • twine string
  • flower-shaped glitter

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Grab your scissors and begin cutting the shapes from your template.

Step 1

The Girl

After cutting the pieces, trace them with a pencil on the body-colored paper.

Step 2

Using your pencil, continue the tracing process on the yellow sheet of paper.

Step 3

Trace shapes with your pencil on the blue sheet of paper next.

Step 4

Grab your pink paper and trace the shoes and skirt with your pencil.

Step 5

Begin tracing small circles with your pencil on the white sheet of paper. 

You could also skip tracing this shape because you already have it printed on white paper.

Step 6

Grab your heart cutout, place it on the pink paper, and trace it.

Step 7

Assemble the character pieces, adding the body to the face and the hair to the head.

Step 8

Glue the white circle as an eye to the face.

Step 9

Add the shirt to the body.

Step 10

Glue the skirt and legs to the character.

Step 11

Apply some glue to the pink shoes and attach them to the bottom of the legs.

Step 12

Glue one hand to the back of the body and one to the front.

Be careful not to glue the front hand all the way – you need to add glue to the shoulder part only because our character will be holding a balloon.

Step 13

Grab your markers and draw the eye, eyelashes, and a smile on the character’s face.

Step 14

Dab a bit of eye shadow on the cheeks as blush.

Step 15

The Balloon Heart

Write a cute Happy Mother’s Day message in the pink heart.

Step 16

Add glue to the back of your character.

Step 17

Place the character on the purple paper.

Step 18

Cut some of your twines.

Step 19

Attach the twine to the back of the pink heart.

Step 20

Glue the heart to the purple sheet of paper, above the character and off to the right side.

Step 21

Place the twine between the hands, making it look like your character is holding the balloon.

Step 22

Add a dab of glue to secure it in place.

Step 23

Press down firmly with two fingers.

Step 24

Tie a piece of your twine in a bow.

Step 25

Glue it underneath the pink heart, trimming off the edges of the twine.

Step 26

And, now you have a beautiful, bright, and colorful homemade card to give to someone special for Mother’s Day.

Step 27

Isn’t this the cutest card you’ve ever laid eyes on?

Step 28

The best part about it? It’s homemade!

DIY Paper Mothers Day Craft

We love how ours turned out.

DIY Mothers Day Paper Craft

Have fun!

Mothers Day Paper Craft Idea

Get Your Mother’s Day Paper Craft Template Here

Mothers Day Paper Craft

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