Mini Sand Art Bottle Necklace

This week’s trip to the dollar store was well worth it as it sparked an idea to make a simple mini sand art bottle necklace!

Mini sand art bottle collage

This is a great craft for kids that are a bit older but with some (read quite a lot) of help from you even younger kids can make their own sand art pendant!
Mini Sand Art Bottle Necklace

I saw sand art bottle pendants in the store and they were kind of expensive (not a drastic number but still) but then when I walked past the “nail art” section I saw nail gemstones that came in these sweet bottles and a pack with 8 was… a $1! I already bought the sand ages ago (I think it was a $1 or so for a variety of colors packed in small containers but don’t hold me on that) so we were all set to go and get creative!


So now we have super cute little bottles to make sand art pendants and a whole bunch of little gems to use in the near/far future. Excited with the idea we did stumble upon a first problem… How to get the sand through the tiny hole… Make a DIY paper funnel! Easy peasy (and sorry for the not so ah-mazing photo)!


Now that this problem was solved all that had to be done was slowly put the sand into the paper funel (we used a tip of a dull knife but a small spoon would probably work way better) and make awesome patterns!

Once you reach the top use the cap that came with the bottle to press down the sand (it has to be as tight as possible so that the colors wont mix when it’s shaken). Last but not least put some glue (super glue is the safest bet – naturally handled by adults) on the cap and close the little bottle.

Sweet isn’t it?

Mini Sand Art Bottle Necklace for Kids

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