Ladybug Shape Matching Cardboard Activity

Raise your hand if you love ladybugs. If you do, this Ladybug Shape Matching Cardboard Activity will be the perfect craft for you to make.

It won’t take long at all, but you will have a great learning activity to complete with your kids.

Ladybug Shape Matching Cardboard Activity

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Ladybug Shapes Matching Cardboard Activity

Whether you’re bored or just looking for some fun Spring Crafts to complete, this is the route to go.

Ladybugs are fun bugs that have a great design. The idea behind this ladybug is that you’re mimicking the traditional ladybug design with shapes!

This ladybug shape matching cardboard activity will bring a ton of joy to your kids.

Ladybug Shape Match Cardboard Activity

How to Make Ladybug Shape Matching Cardboard Activity

What you need: 

  • black paper
  • red, black acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • black pipe cleaner

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Please draw the shape of the ladybug on the cardboard and cut it out.

Step 1

Paint the body of the ladybug red. 

Step 2

Paint the head of the ladybug black.

Step 3

Draw the shapes on the body and cut them out. 

Step 4

You will want to paint all of the shapes black.

Step 5

Cut squares or rectangles from the black paper. 

Step 6

Go ahead and stick them on the back of the ladybug.

Step 7

We will use them to keep shapes on the ladybug in place.

Step 8

Make the antenna with the black pipe cleaner. 

Step 9

Cut the pipe cleaner down a little to make a smaller antenna.

Step 10

You can glue the pipe cleaners, but you can also stick them right in the cardboard slots if you can.

Step 11

Draw a black line in the middle of the body.

Step 12

Your ladybug activity is done.

Step 13

Kids will need to match a square, a circle, a rectangle, an ellipse, a diamond, a triangle, and a trapezoid.

Step 14

Now you can show your child how to do the shape sorting.

Step 15

A fun DIY idea to help your child learn their shapes and have fun along the way.

Step 16

Shape matching is also a fantastic hand-eye coordination activity for a small child.

Spring Ladybug Shape Match Cardboard Activity

Being able to put the small pieces inside of the shapes takes concentration.

Ladybug Shape Matching Spring Craft Activity

Isn’t this ladybug a great learning tool?

Ladybug Shape Matching Cardboard Craft Activity

Have fun matching the shapes!

Ladybug Shape Matching Cardboard Activity Idea

Get the Laybug Shape Matching Printable Game Here

Ladybug Shape Matching

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